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The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Alvaro Arbeloa & Xabi Alonso

4 Dec

largeAlthough they have most often been part of the Triple A’s, these two have been doing just fine on their own in the bromancing department. They’ve been through Liverpool, Real Madrid & La Roja together, not to mention fatherhood, double dating with their wives, Sergio’s bad fashion choices (he appears to be an almost honorary Triple A) and numerous Drunk!Xabi occasions. That’s love! Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Fernando Llorente & Javi Martinez

3 Dec

fernandojavi01These two are so cute together when they’re with La Roja and they sure were at Athletic Bilbao. I’m wondering if they’re pining away for each other now that they’re in separate countries? Continue reading

A Whole Lotta La Roja Comin’ At Ya!

18 Nov


I would normally put this shot at the end of the post, with the rest of the social media goodies, but seriously…Pepe’s in his underwear. That’s an opening shot, not a closer! I don’t know why it took this pic for me to realize it, but Pepe is totally the type of guy who’s pants are off within seconds of getting in the door. Pepe, we love you for that & thank you for sharing. Continue reading

La Roja in Equatorial Guinea

15 Nov


Oh look, cuties on a plane! I’m going to forgive Javi’s thumbs up/point to ya homie combination, because I realize it could have been a lot worse…. He could’ve went all wangsta on us & posed with his chin resting between his thumb and index finger. Yeah, you know the pose. *sigh*

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International Break Means Get Your Worst Outfit Ready…

13 Nov


…at least for Sergio it does. What. The. Actual. Fuck. Is. He. Wearing. Dear Lord, just when you thought you’ve seen the worst from him!

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WC Qualifier: Spain vs Georgia

18 Oct

Spain Georgia WCup Soccer

Well Alberto Moreno, behavior like that WILL get you called up again for International Duty! Jeez these newbies move fast, but I guess they have to in order to keep us happy. No Serndando, no Tormata, no Double A’s, no nothing beautiful & bromantic!….except for Seriker. Thank God for Seriker.

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The Daily Drool: Champions League Group D – Manchester City’s Javi Garcia

16 Oct

Javi GarcíaDefensive midfielder Javi is a former canterano who played for Castilla and the first team of Real Madrid. He’s been with Manchester City since 2012. He has represented Spain at the U16, U17, U19, U20, U21 and senior levels.