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Watishista Post-Sandy Check In: How Are You All?

30 Oct

Saw this on Twitter and thought “bet you do now, arsehole!” So how did everyone fare? I was incredibly lucky. My power flickered and had some surges, but it stayed on. At several points, I thought the windows were going to blow out though. It was very scary, but considering what happened in other areas, I was very fortunate. My heart is breaking with the images from New Jersey, The Rockaways & Long Island. I’m very worried about friends/family in those areas.  I watched a car float by my office near Battery Park last night on the news. Sobering to say the least.  Continue reading

The Calm Before The (Big Ass) Storm

28 Oct

The wind is starting to pick up in New York so we’re hunkering down and preparing for Hurricane Sandy. Just wanted to take a minute to check in with everyone. To all the watishistas in the path of this monster storm, please stay safe and keep us up to date on how you are. Depending on how bad this is and if we lose power, I may be out of touch for a few days. I’ve pre-stocked the blog with Daily Drools and Maisougio will keep things going as she’s (thankfully) out of harm’s way.

Take care everyone!

– Lozil