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Tuesday Bits & Bobs

26 Jun

2171ab38dd7c11e29ef522000ae91450_7It was another long day at work and since I’ve been home, I’ve been riveted by whats going on in Austin. Sen. Wendy R. Davis has been filibustering to protect reproductive rights in Texas for the past 10 hours. The shit has been going down, people. The TX GOP just (as I started writing this) ruled her off topic for the final time because she was talking about sonograms in relation to abortion (she had two previous “strikes”). WTF?! There were chants of “Let her speak!” in the chamber. Anyhow, to quote Wendy: “Lawmakers need to stay out of the vagina business or go to medical school.” Yes, yes they do. So ends my political ranting for tonight. But you’ll get more tomorrow because the US Supreme Court will be voting on marriage equality – something else I feel passionate about.

So, um, now on to something completely shallow as we are wont to do. Cris & Irina are on a private jet. Where may they be going you might ask? Continue reading