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All The Gerlonso Feels

10 Mar

Because right now, Stevie is all of us. And he’s so obvs still pining for Xabi. It’s like live action fan fic. (But that said, I burst out laughing when I realized he spelled it “Xavi” Oy vey. )

– Lozil

New Year & Holiday Fun

1 Jan

2017Hope everyone had a lovely New Year’s Eve and have been enjoying the day today. As promised, a bumper crop of what various ‘ballers have been doing on their holidays. There have been engagements, baby announcements, singing in the mirror while dressed in a towel (Cristiano), blue gradient shoes (Sergio), celebrating on a camel (Mateo & Lukita) and a rather ungracious joke about a rival (Toni Kroos, being a bit rude, IMHO).  Let’s dig in! (It’s long so be prepared!) Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month All-Stars: Xabi & Stevie

7 Dec

tumblr_l90l8skR2g1qajasao1_500A classic bromance that will never get old or die: Gerlonso. Continue reading

Stevie G Vs. Carra

12 Mar
I see you putting Gerlonso right in the middle, Stevie. You're fooling no one!

I see you putting Gerlonso right in the middle, Stevie. You’re fooling no one!

Stevie G and Jamie Carragher will go into battle against each other on March 29…for charity. The funds raised will go to community projects in Liverpool. The match completely sold out in hours (surprised it wasn’t minutes, actually) but you can check out the teams after the jump. Continue reading

It’s Official: Stevie G Signs With LA Galaxy (& Gives An Interview)

8 Jan

In a move that must have been expressly designed to piss watishista Mandi off, Stevie G has signed for the LA Galaxy. The club  announced his 18 month deal yesterday. Here’s an interview where he talks about the move.


It’s Official: Steven Gerrard Leaving Liverpool At The End of 2014-2015 Season

2 Jan

photoIt’s a bit of a jolt, isn’t it? No matter who you support, Stevie G & Liverpool are the OTP. So when the news that he will be leaving the club at the end of the season but not retiring from the game was announced this morning, it felt the like the world was knocked off its axis. Continue reading

Ready For The Reds

3 Nov
Gentlemen! Try not to break each other!

Gentlemen! Try not to break each other!

Tomorrow we once again face Liverpool. Somewhere on the other side of Manhattan, I can hear watishista Mandi kvetching. It’s tough going when both your teams play each other. Like Highlander, there can only be one and (sorry, girl!) I’m praying that it’s Real Madrid. Continue reading

When Two Footballers Love Each Other Very Much….

14 Aug

The interwebz have been LOLing like crazy over Liverpool’s new signing Alberto Moreno who clearly must be Gerlonso’s love child. If he gets both his daddies’ playing skills, the Reds will be very happy indeed. Continue reading

Sign Her Up!

10 Jul

Proud papa Stevie G posted this shot of his youngest daughter Lourdes rocking the new Real Madrid kit with the caption “New signing to play with Ronny and Xabi #lovesfootykits” Adorable! I wonder if Tio Xabi sent the kit for her?  

We should totally sign her up for our Real Madrid: The Next Generation squad along with Enzo, Cris Jr., Sergio Jr., Martin, Jon, Ane, Angeli, Zoe, Vitoria, Jese Jr., Ivano, The Albas (Arbeloa & Bale), Melia, Raul, Mia, Baby Isco, Baby Coentrao and  The E’s (Ema, Emily & Emma). What’s one more in all that hustle bustle? (I think we need to start a Real Madrid day care).

Hat tip to watishistas mygypsyspirit & Mandi who shared the picture.

– Lozil

World Cup 2014: Hair Artistry

2 Jul

Of the good kind for a change! What you are viewing above is the spectacular work of Rob The Original, a master Barber from San Antonio, Texas. In the past week or so he has produced some wicked World Cup-related haircuts for fans. And he does all this freehand too. Just give him a photo, a head, and his tools and he’s good to go. Continue reading