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I’m Just Not Ready To Say Goodbye

20 May

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And now, the end is near…

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When Xabi posted this yesterday, I started blubbering like a baby and to be honest, I haven’t really stopped. Every time I try to write about it, think about it or look at pictures, I start wailing again. He may have been ready to call time on his career but I’m certainly not. So it’s going to take me a bit to be able to write coherently about this heartbreaking day.

But for now, I’ll just leave it at this: Thank you, Xabi.

– Lozil

Like A (New) Boss & Some Regrettable Behavior

5 Jan

Satellite (3)It was all about the double ZZ today as Zizou helmed his first session as the boss. It coincided with the team’s annual open training so he got a lot of love from the fans and the squad. Continue reading

Realmadrid LIFE: Raúl returns home to the Santiago Bernabéu

24 Aug

Good luck not blatting your eyes out during the Raul parts. If that doesn’t get you, the montage to an instrumental version of Without You at the end will. At least they had mercy on us and didn’t use Nilsson’s Without You (but you know that Guti was playing that version in his headphones on the trip back to Ibiza and weeping).

– Lozil