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First (Double) Training At UCLA

23 Jul

Satellite (6)I know mygypsyspirit is gonna love this Sweaty!Arbeloa photo so I had to put it first.

I apologize for the slow updating this week. My family is in town visiting. This is a phrase that incites bone deep fear in any adult New Yorker. That means going to places you normally avoid like the plague (Times Square, for example.) Pray for me. I’m gonna need it. Continue reading

He Hasn’t Changed A Bit

19 Jul

10560966_797211746986199_147552608_nWell, except for the hair. But other than that, it’s easy to identify Karim Benzema. He’s even got a wild hued/patterned shirt on.  (It starts early, apparently) Too fabulous. Let’s hope Melia gets Chloe’s brows, though.

Mami, Papi & baby were in Ibiza on vacation this week. Continue reading

Andrea Pirlo: Everywhere That I’m Not

3 Jul

Sometimes life is so unfair. Andrea Pirlo is chillin’ in New York and I have yet to run into him.  C’mon out to Brooklyn, Andrea. First beer is on me. However, if you intend to get as drunk as you did celebrating Juve’s Scudetto, you’re going to need to pony up some cash. I’m not made of money, sir. But no matter what, CALL ME.

– Lozil

At Least SOMEONE Still Cares About Headbands…

17 Jun

BqR63hYIAAEp7FA…I just didn’t expect it to be Gareth. He’s off in California golfing and signing giveaway shirts. As you do. ( BTW, thanks to the multitude of people who sent these pix in.) Continue reading