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Realmadrid Life: 2012 Spanish Super Cup & Luka Modric/ Champions Video

2 Sep

I’m a bit behind at getting the videos up (and Essien stuff to come). Here’s the Real Madrid Life special and a bonus Spanish Super Cup video after the jump. Continue reading

A Clasico Result I Could Get Used To

31 Aug

It’s so hard not to be blue on this Blue Moon Friday (it’s also hard not to make stupid comments like that one), especially when a certain someone took to twitter to pic spam some of the sweetest moments of last season…I won’t say his name, I won’t say his name! So……shall we try to overcome the blues by rewinding back to a time where ‘he who must not be named’ still belonged to us and we had just kicked ASS in our second Clasico of the season?! Yes? HOLYYYYYY SHIT, we did it! Hey, the Supercopa may not be the most important title to win, but a Clasico is a Clasico and beating Barca on Wednesday feels as damn good as it does any other time. I yam happy woman. Continue reading

Ladies & Gentlemen, Your 2012 Supercopa de España Champions!

29 Aug

Ah, our beautiful, wonderful campeones! So proud of them! Maisougio will have  a whole big match recap, but we just wanted to get a few celebratory pictures up tonight while we’re all still giddy.  HALA MADRID! Continue reading

1 El Clasico Down, 1 to Go….for now

27 Aug

After yesterday’s Liga result, I thought I’d get to this recap first since the first leg of the Supercopa was a much better turn out. Sure, we lost….BUT we did score first, got two away goals, and we had Di Maria – oh how I loved that little moment with Valdes! Di Maria’s goal made the loss bearable, I think. And best of all, we still have a chance to win this thing. In two days time, the first title of the season will be decided and it’ll be on our home turf. Vamos Real!….and if we don’t win, we didn’t want it in the first place. 😉 Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Now We’re Cooking With Sass And Extra Added Peen, Apparently.

11 Jul

Sese tweeted a shot of himself cooking and said that he enjoyed his day on his friend’s farm. *I* enjoyed these half naked shots of him on the beach in Ibiza. Continue reading