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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

14 Aug

Today is the first leg of the Supercopa.  El Clasico is always fraught with peril, but let’s hope that today (and the second leg) are filled with brilliant football and the good sportsmanship that we know our teams are capable of. Make us proud, gentlemen – all of you!

I love that the little Madridista woobins has a fashion statement headband on. These things start early when you love Madrid apparently. I bet if we check back on him in 15 years, he’ll be sporting green jeans and a Louis Vuitton man bag. Bless. And enjoy that height advantage now, Barca baby, because if things stay true to form, you’re going to stay rather wee (unless you’re the progeny of Pique). You’re both adorable just the way you are.

So Madridista and Cule alike, let’s join hands and sing Kumbaya today or at least try not to throw any punches or harsh words. We’re better than that, eh?  Let’s just hope for a great game! Hala Madrid/Visca Barca depending on your preference (or both as I know some of you are bi-team-ual).

Now That’s Love…

13 Aug

Over 57,000 turned out to watch Real Madrid take their last practice before tomorrow’s Supercopa clash with Barcelona. What an awesome show of support for Los Blancos!  Lots of happy player faces, Khedergio action, Marcelo/Pepe cuteness, Laverne & Shirley and Cris’s Hollywood hair ahead.
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The Return Of The Ramos

12 Aug

Mmmmm, the DLD in action! Check out the adorable video here. (Mesut, seriously, do you bromance with everyone?!) The happy news is that Sergio is back practicing with the team and will be good to play on Sunday. Hooray! More practice shots after the jump…
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Workin’ For The Weekend

11 Aug

The second day of pre-Supercopa training took place today and the internationals were back in the fold. I see this hot pants shorts thing is catching on. Must be a Portuguese thing (and I don’t understand).
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Fun Time Is Over!

10 Aug

Just in case we weren’t aware what is about to happen this weekend, Real Madrid reminded us by posting the two crests we dread seeing together on the front page. Sigh. Those who weren’t on international duty had to practice and there’s a wealth of Mesut and Sami action including the most adorbs picture ever!
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Lotsa News: Pre-Season Stats, International Duty, Santiago Bernabeu Trophy, Supercopa Prep

8 Aug

Real Madrid’s 2011 pre-season was the best record since 1987-88.  Los Blancos won 7 games, scored 27 goals and conceded 5. In 1987, they won 7 games, scored 36 goals and conceded 12.  One very positive stat: Benz scored 8 goals and had 5 assists in 7 games. Start as you mean to go on, young man!
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