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The Daily Drool – Confederations Cup – Tahiti: Steevy Chong Hue

24 Jun

Steevy CHONG HUE23 year old striker Steevy plays for AS Dragon in the Tahiti First Division. He has represented Tahiti at the U20 and senior levels. Steevy scored the winning goal in the 2012 OFC Nations Cup final (vs. New Caledonia). It was his country’s first ever international title.

Confederations Cup: Spain vs Tahiti

23 Jun


Before I get even farther behind on the match recaps, here is the Tahiti (which my fingers keep wanting to type as Tahini) post. Following the game, I felt pretty bad for Tahiti. 10-0 isn’t a fun score, but apparently the coach & team were just so overjoyed to have qualified for the Confeds, nothing could get them down. Coach Eddy Etaeta, said he was moved to tears during the team’s opening match, he was so proud of them, even though they were defeated 6-1. He also said, playing against Spain would be a dream. It’s nice to see the coach and team remain so proud to represent their country, even though the outcomes weren’t ideal. Spain did them in, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 times, so needless to say there are a lot of goals to look at and I won’t make this post even longer by going on & on. The goals shall speak for themselves…..mostly.

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