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Training, Sese Presser, Bits & Bobs

3 Jan

Entrenamiento (13)Busy times at work and Chez Lozil these days. The universe doesn’t seem to realize my true calling as a chronicler of footy pulchritude for the perving masses is being affected as a result. Sigh.

Our boys were back to training (and I hope it wasn’t as freaking cold in Madrid as it was in NYC today. Brrrrr!) with Real Madrid C’s Llorente, Joel and Álvaro joining them. Continue reading

Fighting The Good Fight

17 May

Here are some more stories in recognition of the International Day Against Homophobia…

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Think UEFA’s A Joke? Here’s Your Chance To Do Something About It

16 May

A petition has been started at Change.org calling for a boycott of UEFA sponsors (Heinken, UniCredit, SONY, PlayStation, MasterCard, Ford, Adidas) and letting the sponsors know how we feel. I especially like how the petition mentions incidents of racism by fans as well.

The text of the petition:

Despite the Union of European Football Associations’ promise to fight racism in football, the governing body has refused to address recent incidents of racism both by fans & by players despite substantial evidence. 

It is clear that action needs to be taken, join me in telling the UEFA Sponsors what kind of organization they are supporting! Show UEFA the red card!