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Sergio: Tats, Tats And More Tats

9 Jul

Our Sergio has been pretty active over the break and seems to be delighting is showing off his growing tattoo collection. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all his ink. Continue reading

Sunday Recovery Session, A Milestone & More Tattoos

5 Mar

It was good to see Los Blancos racking up those goals yesterday, wasn’t it? They got right back down to work today because Tuesday, we face Napoli again in the Champions League. Continue reading

Wednesday Training & More

20 Jul

_3RM7604Thumb,0The team had their third training session today in Montreal.

Continue reading

Something That Made My Day: Zlatan Perfume

16 Jun

Okay, when I stop laughing, perhaps I’ll be able to have coherent thoughts about what this smells like. Ligonberries & victory? Zlatan sweat & tears of those not worthy? I can’t even. I just know that I’m all in. (In case you’re wondering, the logo comes from his back tattoos.)

– Lozil

Time For A Tattoo Intervention

18 Jan

I haven’t even bothered to keep up with all of Sergio’s new tattoos,  but this one…ugh. He shared video of it in progress. And the final result? Continue reading

World Cup 2014: I Just Can’t Even With This Tattoo

25 Jun

2.bildRemember last month when I was ragging on Mesut for getting the same words tattooed on him as Zlatan? Well, I’ve finally seen the whole tattoo and I must tell you, it’s worse than I could have possibly imagined. You may need some eye/brain bleach for the utter cheesiness.  Continue reading

Even More Sergio Ink

3 Jun

925258_299093723586240_1284887371_nOnce your eyes have recovered from the floral shirt and orange trousers, check out Sergio’s new arm tattoos. It’s his mami Paqui and a hand print/date representing Blanket aka My Littler Pony. It’s nice to have a photo with a clear view!  Continue reading

Sergio Inks Up With Ol’ Big Ears

30 May

Bo637gYCcAActZwWe knew it was coming. Just a matter of time, really. Sergio added a tattoo of the Champions League trophy to his calf. He’s getting inked these days by Rodrigo Galvez Miras. Does that mean he’s no longer having work done by his friend (and ours), Leo Millares? Or is Leo just too busy with his Discovery Max show Madrid Ink?

– Lozil

Perhaps. But I Bet Zlatan Is Side Eyeing You Pretty Damn Hard.

19 May

10309025_495048100595192_7698457991617560928_nSo Mesut got himself a tattoo. As footballers tend to do. Everyone was squeeing about this since the tattoo artist posted a shot with him earlier this month. They were all aflutter wondering what it could be: a declaration of love for Sergio (or heck, even Mandy)? Something to do with football, family or his dogs? What could it possibly be?! Continue reading