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UPDATED: Sergio Gets A New Tattoo And A Visit From The Drama Llama

4 Apr

BkZUxU4IgAApCNrOh Sergio, really?! At least it’s on your arm. I just don’t even know what to think. Also, Rodrigo Galvez is doing your tat? Are you cheating on our beloved Leo Millares? SCANDAL! Continue reading

Nando Loves The Sister Wives

31 Mar


I’m sure Nando told Olalla this new tattoo was just for her, but is it just coincidence that he decided to get inked just before Sergio’s birthday? I think not! When you see what the new tattoo says, you be the judge and decide who it’s dedicated to for yourself… Continue reading

Your Life Choices, Sergio: Examine Them

10 Mar

tumblr_n26qp2K2fN1qftb6ko1_500Yes, we won and kept a clean sheet yesterday, but everyone seemed laser focused on Sergio’s newest hairdo during the match. ::shaking my head::  Sigh. He will do what he will do. I’m also side eyeing the additions to his tattoo. It’s getting more challenging by the second. As long as he doesn’t touch his chest, I’ll tolerate it.  I still haven’t forgiven DAgger for defacing his fabulous chesticles. Continue reading

Let’s Get Physicals

13 Feb
Oh lordy, MORE tattoos?

Oh lordy, MORE tattoos?

The players had physicals today to assess their health and they all passed with flying colors. Good to know. Varane’s knee is doing well, which is encouraging and a total relief. Continue reading

Saturday Training, Presser, Call Ups & Concentracion

31 Aug
Another week, another stern Carlito shot on the homepage.

Another week, another stern Carlito shot on the homepage.

The team had their last training before the match tomorrow morning (oh,so early) against Athletic Bilbao. Fabio & Mesut, who worked out inside yesterday were back with the game. New things abounded: Karim shaved ONE side of his head again to freshen his super special look up. (Ugh). And it appears that Sergio has more new tattoos on his left wrist and upper right arm. I’m sure someone will blow up the shots and file a report soon, but one on his wrist looks like a capital “P” Let’s all hope for the sake of our sanity that it’s for his mom, Pacqui. Even if it’s not, very smart of Sergio to keep it to one letter. Ladies come and go, mamis are forever. Continue reading

Tuesday Bits & Bobs, Part II

10 Jul

tumblr_mpobkafY2p1rlnonjo1_400So, I’m teetering on the edge of exhaustion here, peeps. It’s been a long ass day. I’m going to catch up on things as quickly as I can. Please forgive me for my lack of, um, brains? typing? everything? At this point, I’m about to fall asleep on my feet.

First up is David Villa. Many of us were taken by surprise when his transfer to Atleti was announced. As for that bargain price, well, it’s not as bad as we thought. Continue reading

Leo Millares On Madrid Ink (Discovery Max)

19 Apr

Our pal, the very sweet Leo Millares, is tattoo artist to many footballers & celebs including Sergio, Nando, Kun Aguero, Guti & Romina. Here’s a preview of his appearance on Madrid Ink and there’s some footage of him working on Nando. Congrats, Leo! I hope that someone puts the whole episode up on YouTube so we can see it.

– Lozil

Arrival In Bilbao, Sergio Gets ANOTHER Tattoo, Benz & The Baby Sign Autographs

13 Apr

Llegada_del_Real_Madrid_a_Bilbao (16)So I go offline for a few hours to go out and do some errands and I return to see that Sergio has ANOTHER tattoo! Seriously, Sergio?! As you can see from this picture, there’s a tat of a bald man on his arm. Guess we’ll have to wait for a closer look at it. Argh. You can tell how new it is by the redness and vaseline around it. I’m assuming Leo Millares may have done it? I’m sure we’ll hear more about this soon. Continue reading

Not The Scariest Thing I Saw Yesterday…

21 Mar

acae0750914b11e285b022000a9f15de_7Sorry, Shigs! I know the fact that Kaka’s wife has her own monogrammed set of super sharp knives is going to completely traumatize you (Carol was taking her culinary school exam) but honestly, it wasn’t the scariest thing that I saw yesterday.  Continue reading

UPDATED: Ramos: Corazón, Carácter y Pasión’ And Sergzil Love Train Picks Up Speed

10 Dec

tumblr_metlglCwhE1qbiysso1_500The new book about Sergio was presented today at the Bernabeu. In attendance  was Sese’s family, FloPeezy, Jose Merce and several teammates. Sergio definitely had some emotional moments when talking about his family and was moved to tears.  Continue reading