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Real Madrid wins another trophy…or small building

31 Aug


Seriously, that trophy is big enough for some of our itty bitty players to move into! But way to go for our boys, four goals scored, two from Kaka, a clean sheet, and our ninth Teresa Herrera Trophy. Not bad for a Thursday afternoon. I’m sorry but this is going to have to be a short & quick recap, there was a bad thunderstorm last night & I’m suffering from a brownout over here! I’d like to say it’s better than the power being completely out, but it looks like I’m on the set of Insidious right now with this dim lighting. 馃槮 Like that didn’t scare me even more than I already was!聽 I don’t know when I’ll be able to charge all my babies up, so I figure, let me get this up while I can…here we go!

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Quick Bits & Bobs: Deportivo, More Mesut & A Surprise Victory

29 Aug

Llegada_del_Real_Madrid (4)I’m way behind the gun on this one because the Teresa Herrera Cup match is already in the second half but I wanted to post the arrival pictures among other things. Continue reading

Tuesday Training, Other Bits & Bobs

27 Aug
Entrenamiento (8)

Well it’s not bars, Shigs, but does this make you feel a bit safer?

All the players who didn’t start against Granada had a session today. Illara trained at the same rate which is great news while Sami was on his own. The rest of the boys will be back tomorrow.聽 Continue reading

Fear Of An Orange Planet And More

23 Jul
Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (26)

Pipa ain’t havin’ it.

See? This is what is going to drive Pipita screaming directly into the arms of Napoli: excessively orange teammates. Continue reading