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Happy Belated 8th Birthday HB & HB!

19 Jan

Negligent mother that I am, I once again missed HB & HB’s official birthday 3 days ago. Oy. But eight years! EIGHT YEARS! Hard to believe, isn’t it? I am so grateful. I haven’t always had the time to post, but I am so happy to keep this place alive on even a small level. Thank you for all the love, laughter and Los Blancos-related tomfoolery. (Scope out the teeny tiny headband on the dinosaur. Tailor made for us!)

You all rock!

xoxo, Lozil

Happy 6th Birthday HB & HB!

16 Jan

cowgirlhorse-6th-birthday-girl-fold-out-9023365-0-1413271962000I chose a cowgirl card for our birthday because lord knows, we sure do love a Pony here! ūüėČ

Believe it or not, we’re officially 6 today! How times does fly! ¬†Special thanks to the watishista correspondents, especially mygypsyspirit and hopechaser, without whom this blog would have gone under long ago as my real life has taken a massive chunk out of my blog time.

Thank you so much to all of you for being so wonderful and engaged; for indulging us in our silliness and love of all things footy but especially our Blanco boys. I have met friends of a lifetime through this place, learned so much, laughed and cried and shared so many experiences. I love how sport can make the world smaller in the best of ways. This crazy love that we share bonds us and overrides so many other differences. Long may the fun continue.


Happy 4th Birthday HB & HB!

16 Jan
How nice of El Pirata to send us a card!

How nice of El Pirata to send us a card!

Our first post was on 12/31/10 but we officially launched this blog on 1/16/11 so that makes us 4 years old today.¬†¬†Holy crap! Where did the time go?! We’re almost 6,000 posts into this adventure with no signs of stopping. Hard to believe. Thank you so much to our¬†watishista correspondents, the now retired Maisougio and all of you for making this possible. ¬†It could not be done without you and I mean that sincerely. ¬†2014 was a tough year ’round these parts but I’m feeling very optimistic for 2015. Lots of good footy action to come and the Tishies will soon be upon us!

Thank you, a million times, thank you. You’re the best.



We Did It

27 May

Oh my, oh my, I’m still feeling this way, three days later. What a freakin’ RIDE that match was. I’m pretty sure RM had us feeling every emotion known to man, during the course of those 120 or so minutes. Fear, sadness, anger, shock, hope, happiness, ecstasy, it was all that and thankfully not in the opposite order! We did it, we did it, we did it! It’s so good to be a Madridista.

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