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James: Jair Jero

15 Jul

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A jugar un poco ⚽️⚽️⚽️

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So last week, James came to his senses and got rid of his Sergio Ramos/Draco Malfoy tribute hair. It was a very short lived phase, for which we are most grateful. Unlike Sergio, James probably realized that he was going to have to pose for promotional shots that would be around for the whole season. Perish the thought! Welcome back to Hair Sanity, James!

– Lozil

Thanks I Really Needed That, Jese

21 Apr

Sometimes, you’re having a really shitty day and then something comes along to make it all better. And today, that thing is Jese.  He’s like some unholy mishmash of Karim & Sergio with a purloined pair of Cristiano’s sunglasses. There’s also a nod to Guti with the bedazzled sneakers.  Gaauuu, indeed.


– Lozil

What Is The Sound Of One Hand Upping? Answer: Big Flow

18 Mar

Are you ready for some Big Flow? And let’s be honest, who isn’t?  It’s release day for Big Flow’s latest single La mano arriba! Song after the jump. Continue reading

Thank F***! Xabi Extends Till 2016

8 Jan

Flo Peezy: “And I’ll thrown in a free watch!”

While San Baby going home is delightful, the news we’ve really been waiting to hear happened today: Xabi has signed a contract extension until 2016. Praise the deities that look favorably down on classy, crafty midfielders and the fans that love them.  Xabi will give a press conference on Friday.

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Sanity Has Returned…

16 Sep

…at least to Karim’s head. I think it’s a good omen for the match tomorrow. Thanks to watishista mygypsyspirit for texting me with the glorious news while I was on a boring conference call. (Gifs by tfortravis)

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Life With The Ramos, Roaming Silvas, Matching Shoes, Passing Drug Tests

15 Jun

The Ramos and his buds were out and about enjoying fruity drinks and some chillaxing time.  I can kinda imagine the scenario – picture this:
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Mesut, WTF Are You Doing?!

24 May

I almost had a heart attack when I stumbled upon this Mesut shot over on LiveJournal (the front page of alldayfootiecp to be exact). It’s almost as bad as the terrifying “ladies man” spread which I will save for another time when we all need a good laugh. This is just devastating to me. I have no clue what he was thinking allowing himself to be photographed in this manner, but I am loving the orange juice with the fruit and umbrella. Very nice, Mesut. Oy.

Ouch And Hooray!

22 May

That picture kinda says it all, doesn’t it? Ronaldo triumphs and Almeria is deader than a doornail. The “ouch” is for both me and Almeria. I threw out my back this morning and I’m in quite a bit of pain (as I imagine the relegated Almeria is tonight. My condolences). I’m just trying to stay resting quietly until I go to my acupuncturist tomorrow morning.  I hobbled on down to the pub to watch our boys play the last match of the season and Crissy break the La Liga scoring record. I wasn’t disappointed!
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Two Things That Made Me Laugh Today

18 May

This may be the best kit, logo design and team name of all time. Go on over to The Beautiful Gear and make sure that you look through the whole post. The names and the away kit are even better. Fans of Dirty Tackle (where I originally found this link) will like the reference to one of Brooks Peck’s regular characters. If you don’t know what the scissors in the logo mean…well, just check out Scissor Sisters on Wikipedia and what they’re named after. Heck, just watch an episode of Glee – they mentioned scissoring on there too.

Also see the sly lampooning of the Barca VP’s comments about racism on Studs Up. (Yeah, the insults certainly don’t match, do they?)

Something We Can Be Proud Of

18 May

In a week that has brought some unhappy moments from/for our team, we can at least be proud of this. Today we played a match vs. Selección de Murcia to benefit the people affected by the Lorca earthquake.

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