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Getting Ready For Tomorrow

14 Jul

Llegada_de_Ancelotti_ (1)Hey all – I know I promised an update last night but after a fun time with watishista forzasusan at the New York Red Bulls game (4-0 over the Montreal Impact with Thierry Henry providing 1 goal and 2 assists), we heard the verdict in the George Zimmerman case on the way home and it just took the wind out of my sails. Continue reading

La Roja Return!

4 Jun

La Roja have already arrived in Miami (as you can see from this airport shot). Both Iker & Juanin shared shots as well. Continue reading

The Team Is Already At Ali Sami Yen

9 Apr

Llegada_del_Real_Madrid_al_Ali_Sami_Yen (1)And what is that I see? The Double As together? SUPER GOOD OMEN, IMHO! HALA MADRID! Continue reading

Istanbul, Not Constantinople*

8 Apr

tumblr_mkxwravPYv1qftb6ko1_500*Oh c’mon! What else was I going to call the post? You know I love a pun. Since I can’t find the original Four Lads version of the song, here’s the one by They Might Be Giants. Continue reading

La Roja Arrivals & Pepe’s Premiere

19 Mar

P6070647_1Back to Las Rozas! RFEF.es graced us with some pictures and videos of La Roja arriving for national team duty today. Continue reading

Whole Lotta Bits & Bobs

20 Feb

600713_550396551657241_1851544586_nYours truly has been totes slacking on the bits and bobs over the past couple of days. If I don’t get them up daily, they start to be overwhelming. So here’s a bit of a clear out. Our adorable capi posted this shot with his dishtowel scarf outside the Bernabeu. However, the big news is that our beloved Iker’s biological clock has obviously hit Code Red.  Continue reading

Requiem For A Sex Beard & Match Preview

9 Feb

Llegada_al_estadio (1)Sadly, the time has come to say goodbye to Chori’s sex beard. Hopefully, he’ll grow it again soon. At least Arbeloa & Sergio still have their’s, right? However, I notice that The Double As aren’t walking in together. Could it be the shaving issue?! Anyhow, here’s the team arriving for the match today. Continue reading

Good Morning Duckface, Training, Other Bits & Bobs

21 Jan

24449_401810936577025_722044071_nOh lordy, Karim. Thanks for sharing. I woke up, saw this and burst out laughing. He seems to think this is sexy when it actually looks like he’s one second away from hurling. Bless.

So my apologies for being out of the loop yesterday. I spent the whole day moving furniture and tearing up carpet – I only took a break for the match. And what a match it was! Holy shit – I’m still on a high! I’m still in the midst of home renovation so this will have to be another drive by with more later. I took a break to watch the inauguration and now I have to get back to work after this post. Continue reading

Arrival In Valencia, Some Bits & Bobs

19 Jan

Llegada_a_Valencia11Now that’s what we like to see – some AHA action, but primarily Double A with Pipita taking up the – ahem – tail end. The team is now in Valencia and holed up at the Westin Valencia. Continue reading

A Chori Kind Of Day

19 Jan

Exactly what we want to see: Double A action!

Well then, I had quite an experience last night. Went to a vegan restaurant and on the suggestion of our waitperson, I tried beet wine! I must tell you, it was freaking fantastic! Who knew? I’ve got to learn how to make this stuff. Really interesting. The food was great too.

But on to other tasty things… Chori is front and center in today’s update.  Continue reading