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Well, At Least It’s Not Bleach Blonde

31 Aug

Sergio has new hair. (Or rather, he has Nando’s old hair.) What do you think?  As long as it’s not bleached again, I’m down.


And The Hair Angels Wept*

16 Aug

Guillermo-OchoaNot only are we bidding adieu to another headband, we’re saying goodbye to one of the most luscious heads of hair in all of football. I, for one, am inconsolable. (*Sorry I traumatized some of you! I amended the title for better clarity.) Continue reading

Friday Training, A Visit From Becks And More

25 Jul

Satellite (2)The team had their final training today before their first match vs. Inter Milan in Berkeley tomorrow. Continue reading

A No Fro Zone

10 Jul

MarouaneFellainifroOne of the most famous ‘dos in soccer is history. Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini had said he would shave off his ‘fro if Belgium won the World Cup. They, erm, didn’t but he decided to go for it anyway. Continue reading

Some Very Quick Bits & Bobs

29 May

I’ve had some real life stuff that I needed to focus on over the past few days, so apologies for the lack of posting. Here’s just a few goodies. First up, the Behind The Scenes video for the Red One/Real Madrid collaboration. Continue reading

Spain Trains & Travels

5 Jun

Spain had one last training before heading off to Poland. THIS IS A WARNING: IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE LOTS OF NEW!HAIR SERGIO, I WOULDN’T ADVISE GOING PAST THIS POINT! Continue reading


4 Jun

What…the…FUCK…did…he…do? Pony why???!!! Someone tell me it’s not that bad or it will get better because I’ve got one swollen eye & this haircut ain’t looking so hot through my good eye! Lie to me, por favor! Is there some way he David Luiz’d us? Oh Pony Gods, I cry to you! Continue reading