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A Golazo, A Disappointment & Today’s Training

27 Jul

Satellite (14)Real Madrid played their first match of the pre-season against Inter Milan yesterday in the International Champions Cup. Continue reading

NOW It All Makes Sense…/Reina Bebes/Iker Gets The Posting Bug

16 Dec

Ah, now we see what this Bieber business was all about! Nando’s lovely wife (and Sergio’s sister wife) Olalla was also there with what looks like two younger, clearly overwhelmed female relatives.  You can see Olalla videotaping them a bit later. It’s very sweet, isn’t it? I still think that Nando snuck in an autograph for Sese…
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Let The Shame Spiral Begin…

15 Dec

Yeah, there’s more pictures of Nando posing with The Bieb out there, people. Things live forever on the Internet, Torres, just sayin…  Continue reading

Color Me Stunned

12 Dec

Justin Bieber continued his “You’re my favorite team, for reals!” tour of Europe, stopping by Stamford Bridge for a kick about with Nando and Lampsie.  Wonder who they pissed off to get this duty? You know that Nando only did that so he could get The Bieb’s autograph for Sergio. That’s love, y’all. (Video via Daviniatorres9).

The Bieb Has Balls Of Steel

4 Apr

Tween panty dampener Justin Bieber took his new haircut to Spain and decided to play himself some footy…in a Barca shirt.

Where did he play his Blaugrauna-attired pick up match?

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