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The Mouberries Will Always Have a Special Place in HB&HB’s Heart

20 May


I thought I was going to be ok when Mou’s departure was made official, but as soon as I started reading the presser tweets, I found myself wishing & hoping the decision would be that he’d stick it out for one more season. My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw the tweet confirming the opposite. I really will miss Mou. Sure, this was a tough season with all the drama, but I like to look at the big picture and appreciate all that he did. Looking back, the good outweighs the bad, heavily. There were a hell of a lot more times that I loved Mou, than the times that I was unhappy with him. We won three trophies with him, learned to be unafraid of Barca, and believed that we could triumph when things were close to impossible. We didn’t always win, but Mou built a team that fought hard….and if they didn’t want to put up a fight, he was willing to put the fear of Mou in them at halftime. Aside from the technical things Mou did for the team, you gotta give it to him for the entertainment he provided as well. I don’t need to tell you guys how fucking hilarious the guy is, but people should remember the fun & laughs he gave us. We could always count on him, his crazy faces and gestures to lift our spirits when the matches weren’t going so well. I’ll miss his presence on the bench and hoping he would keep his legs shut when the cameras panned & zoomed him! To me, no one is going to be able to fill the space that he’s leaving in the club,I just hope I come to love the new coach, half as much as I loved Mou. So here is a Moupreciation post, full of some of what I think were Mou’s best moments with us. Feel free to share some of your own.

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All About Mou

12 Mar

Check out Grant Wahl’s terrific article about Mou in Sports Illustrated. It’s a great read and shows how skilled he is at managing and motivating his teams.

UPDATED: Speaking of Heroes…

13 Feb
Boy, what a game today! It was a stressful nail biter from start to finish. Of course all the drama started right off the bat…

Can you believe this bullshit?!

Iker was given a red card and sent off at 1:45! I thought Callejon made a rather blatant dive, but judge for yourselves:

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Let’s Hear It For The (New) Boys!

3 Feb

Let’s give the boys a haaaaannnnnd!  We did it! We came, we saw, we scored (twice) and now Sevilla can put a sock in it.

Let's hear it for my baby, you know you gotta understand....

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Osasuna, Oh Hells No…

1 Feb
OMG. OMFG. ::headdesk::  Yeah, that’s about how I felt after the game on Sunday. I’m sure y’all did as well. But as I’ve said before, I’m ride or die, win or lose with this team, so HALA MADRID!  (Even though we played like…ugh).
“Erm, uh, yeah, um…that…sucked”

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The Headbands & Heartbreak Glossary

10 Jan

So, yeah, we use a lot of in jokes and abbreviations.  We decided to have mercy on you and let you in on our lingo. Here’s a quick way to know what we’re ranting about at any given time.  This will be added to and if there’s something missing, please feel free to let us know!



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