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UPDATED: So Much Freaking News Today

17 May

Have some hot Pipita to get you through the news round up…

Lots of bits and bobs today – not all of it earth shattering, but c’mon in…

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2011 Hottest Male Athlete Tournament Championship Round Is Here!

12 May

It’s down to the final two over at The Sports Fag! I admit, it’s become a grudge match for me at this point. Scorching BFH* rugger David Williams is trailing behind Elisha Justice. The very Elisha Justice who eliminated pretty much all our footy boys because he has a website voting like crazy for him. I beseech you to all throw your votes in the direction of David Williams (if you are so inclined) and avenge our boys! To entice you, after the jump is a picture of David as close to nekkid as possible.
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2011 Hottest Male Athlete Tournament Final 4

6 May

Over at the home of our friend and fellow wa-tishista! The Sports Fag, the 2011 Hottest Male Athlete Tournament is down to the Final 4. Now that all the footy boys are out, I’m throwing all my support behind (ahem) gorgeous rugger David Williams.  You really need to see the pictures after the jump…

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It’s Down To The Elite 8!

25 Apr

Over at our friend The Sports Fag’s blog, the 2011 Hottest Male Athlete Tournament has wound down to the Elite 8. Yoann is the only soccer boy who has survived (I guess we weren’t voting hard enough!) but I’m kinda madly in love with rugby player David Williams at this point – now THAT is a nice booty. Get on over there and defend the hotness honor of footy players everywhere. Voting concludes on Sunday, May 1st.

Squad Lists, History, Filthy Minds, Bad Behavior and TSF’s Sweet Sixteen Voting

19 Apr

Sorry this is a bit late. I had a rare day off and decided to sleep in a bit before I got down to all the work that I need to do today. The squad lists for tomorrow’s Copa Del Rey are as follows:

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Bits & Bobs: Serious Droolage To Vote On, The Bieb Strikes Again, Oh No He Didn’t And More

7 Apr

Did that get your attention? I thought that it might!  Our brother in sports love and droolage over at The Sports Fag is kicking off his 2011 Hottest Male Athlete Tournament.

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