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Thursday Training

21 May

Satellite (3)Martin Odegaard joined training today as the team continued preparation for the last match of the La Liga season. Continue reading

A Training, A Topknot, An App & A Belated Birthday

19 May
Gareth. With A Topknot. Bless.

Gareth. With A Topknot. Bless.

So G-Money is rocking a new hairstyle today. Was that the aim all along? Grow it out and wear the Alice bands so that he could emulate Zlatan? If so, then well played Gareth! I did not see that coming. Continue reading

Training Bras, FutVolley, Keepy Uppy & Other Tales From Marrakech

18 Dec
Jese, excuse me, *Jey M* :ahem: shows off his training bra

Jese, excuse me, *Jey M* (ahem) shows off his training bra.

I’ve got a bit to catch up on. Getting home after 10 PM from work last night didn’t lend itself to posting. It did however feature ordering take out and falling asleep while eating said take out. It was one of those days. Continue reading

Training For Vigo, Citizen Keylor, Riding, Posing, Carding, Watching & Winning

4 Dec
G-Money: Comin' atcha like a freight train

G-Money: Comin’ atcha like a freight train

I’m sure that is exactly what opposing goalkeepers see in their nightmares because…Gareth. The same could be said for the bulk of our team. How frigging awesome are we?  Continue reading

Friday Training, Injuries, CDR Draw & More

8 Nov

939-49-_HES3994Thumb,8I love the smiles on the faces of our petit croissant and bebe baguette, don’t you? Great shot of them. Training today was a good news/bad news sort of thing. Good news first. Pepe & Cristiano returned to training with the team. Sami took a knock but should be okay to play. Fabio is on the road to recovery. Continue reading