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Prep Begins For Sevilla & Happy Birthday Marcelo!

12 May

Well now that we’ve secured our spot in the Champions League final (woot!), we can now turn our attention back to La Liga.  Continue reading

Prepping For Atleti, Leg 2

8 May

Oooh, Isco. That hair is getting challenging.

Two days to go until we meet Atleti again. I won’t stop being nervous until the final whistle. Continue reading

Preparing for El Clasico, Milestones & A Birthday

20 Apr

Lots to catch up on since I took a day off yesterday. The team had their first training in preparation for El Clasico on Sunday. Continue reading

Friday Session

31 Mar

It was all hands on deck for the fifth training session of the week. Continue reading

Training, The Birthday Boy, Poor, Poor Cristiano & More

30 Mar

Lots going on today! Sergio’s birthday, returning internationals and one very unfortunate stature after the jump. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Sergio!

30 Mar

🎯 #HalaMadrid

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Our often ass saving, mystifying, fascinating, “stylish” capi turns 31 today. Hard to believe. It feels like he has been around forever but he’s still so young. He recently said that he is “in the middle of his career” and I’m pretty damn okay with that. And he’s inspiring a new generation of players in many ways (hopefully not fashion-wise. Think of the children!) but few as adorable as this. Feliz cumpleaños, Sergio! We love you and your big old noggin. Never change.

Happy Birthday Nando!

20 Mar

Nando turns 33 today! Hard to believe, isn’t it? So glad to see him back on the pitch after that nasty head injury. Feliz cumpleaños, Fernando!