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UEFA Best Player in Europe Shortlist

22 Jul

Well done Cris, Ángel, and James! All three players have been short-listed for the 2014 UEFA Best Player in Europe award. Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Group G – Match Report: Germany 4 – Portugal 0

17 Jun

Well… This was it. The German National Team took on Cristiano Ronaldo, and 10 other guys that we just don’t give a shit about (according to ESPN), at Arena Fonte Nova. They called it man against machine because, let’s face it, they have no idea who the rest of the Portuguese players are. Continue reading

Catching Up With France, Germany, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil And More

6 Sep

Karim got his chesticles workin’ in that jersey while posing for a picture with Les Bleus. Jellyace, remind me – didn’t we name them? I could swear I dubbed them “Asterix and Obelix” at one point.  Anyhow, here’s some Karim action. Continue reading

Hello Dollies

23 Aug

Manuel Neuer

How many times have you seen a player so adorable that you wish you had a big ol’ plush doll of them to snuggle with? Marcelo springs immediately to mind. Well, Bayern Munich went ahead and made that wish a realityContinue reading

UPDATED: Bits & Bobs: The “I Need A Cocktail Something Fierce” Edition

13 Jul

Oh boy, it has been a long day. I was up really early working from home while waiting for not one, but two (!), visits from the air conditioner repairman and considering how humid and gross this NYC summer has been, it was an absolute must. So, now I’m a couple of hundred bucks poorer, but the house is cool again. Alas, my brain is fried though. Summers are supposed to be slow, don’t you think? Why is work so busy? Argh. Anyhow, I’m going to drop some bits and bobs that I’ve collected on y’all, then pour myself a nice glass of wine and kick back for the evening.

To start things off, the fabulous torso of Sami Khedira! He and Lena are now in Miami. However, he’s sporting the same trunks that Mesut and Sergio had last summer.  C’mon, Sami! Those trunks are sooooo 2011! He still looks hot as hell. Continue reading

Germany Gets Down To It

25 Jun

Argh, I am so exhausted! Here’s another picspam catching up with Germany that I hope I can actually stay awake to post. Mesut put this shot on Facebook today with the caption “Today I was at the press conference of the DFB. On the pitch I feel better – but media relations is one of them. But now is the concentration of the match against Italy.”  We know he’s shy with the press, but he looks so pretty talking to them! Continue reading

Preparation: Greece & Germany

20 Jun

Greece was in training today before meeting Germany in the quarter finals on Friday. I’m going to be on pins and needles all day. Continue reading

Trying To Catch Up: Germany

31 May

Hallo Mario!

Germany played Israel today and I’ll *try* to get a recap up over the weekend. I’m coming back from Philly tomorrow night but not until about midnight or so, which means I’m already behind schedule. Fun! Maybe on the trip I’ll have time to write one up if the gods of wifi are good to me. Continue reading

Die Mannschaft Train & Badass Around Monaco

29 May

OMG! You have no idea how happy I am to see Schweini and the other Bayern boys. He looks pretty happy too. I’m sooo excited for the tournament to start so Die Mannschaft can kick the serious arse that I know that will. Whoops! I’m being a little partisan, but they are my boos. I love Spain and I’ve supported Italy my whole life. I have a major fondness for the Dutch, but this year, I think Germany is going all the way. It’s hard when so many players you like and admire are spread across so many teams. Continue reading

Huecco’s “Dame Vida” Official Video – ADORABLE!

3 Jun

I’ve got serious love for this clip. I have a huge smile after watching it and the song is super catchy as well. Everyone is so game in the vid – especially Thomas Muller and Kun Aguero (and surprise VdB cameo)!  It’s just so frigging cute. Watch and enjoy!