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Spain Wins, Germany Loses, France Draws

29 Mar

This is going to be, oh so very brief, because I’m tired and kinda grumpy. Now, I know, that’s not very bloggerly of me but it is what it is.

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A Look At Germany’s Day ::snort::

28 Mar

OMG! Run and I mean RUN, do not walk, over to Dirty Tackle and see how Germany spent the day. It is HI-LARIOUS! Make sure you click on all appropriate links, especially Luka Podolski’s theme song on YouTube and the Bayern Munich catalog (see a representative picture of Thomas Mueller above). I laughed so hard reading both these posts that I nearly choked on my go-to-sleep hot cocoa. Brooks Peck wins at life. Why oh why were Sami & Mesut released before the Mercedes Benz road rally happened? I can see a terrified Mesut clinging to the dashboard while a crazed Sami does donuts in the parking lot. Or maybe it would be the other way around? Mesut might surprise us all. (Great! Now I’ve got “Lu-Lu-Lu-Lukas Podolski!” running through my head.)

Euro 2012 Qualifier: Germany vs. Kazakhstan

26 Mar

Our intrepid goal scorers and men of the match

I personally thought this was a thoroughly enjoyable game and I liked it oodles more than the Spain game yesterday. Germany was firing on all cylinders and we saw some beautiful performances, especially from Klose, Mueller, Ozil, Aogo, Lahm and Schweinsteiger. 18 year old Mario Goetze only played 12 minutes, but made a great impression – it will be interesting to see how he develops. I also have to compliment Kazakhstan goalie David Loria. He made some great saves and without his strong play, the scoring could have been much worse. His team was just in over their heads and Germany was like a freight train – impossible to stop.

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UPDATED: More National Team Training Photos…

22 Mar


Well, folks there’s not a lot out there yet but I did manage to find a few pictures of the Spanish, French and German National Teams. First up, Espana! UPDATED: THERE’S VIDEO OF TRAINING AND SERNANDO CUTENESS!


Watch for the adorbs Sernando moment at about :20

How yummy are they? I so needed a solid dose of international duty and Sernando, that’s for sure. More pix after the cut!

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