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For The Love Of All That’s Holy, Stop Talking!

2 Mar
Carles Rexach

Carles Rexach, Windbag

…because every time you open your mouth, you’re embarrassing yourself. Barca’s newly appointed sporting director Carles Rexach (he’s also a former Barca player & coach) is just blabbing all over the place. Continue reading

Goal-fest Against Osasuna

28 Apr
Embed from Getty Images

Saturday’s performance against Osasuna better have been a preview of what we’re going to see tomorrow! Heavy on the goals, that’s the kinda thing we like (and need) ’round here!!

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Rest In Peace: Tito Vilanova

25 Apr

Tito_Vilanova_2432135bVery sad news today for the world of football: Former Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova has passed away. He was 45. He was originally diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and suffered a relapse in 2012. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends along with the entire Barcelona FC community at this difficult time.

– Lozil

Merry Pre-Season Eve!

20 Jul

Entrenamiento (2)

Oh pre-season, how we’ve missed you! Peeps, are you ready?! Those tanned & toned legs sure look like they’re ready. I love this time of the season, when everyone’s all mushy, gushy, optimistic, energetic, and damn ready for some footy & a fresh new start. Breathe in the good, breathe out the bad, and visualize lots & lots of goals & trophies.

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Animo Tito Vilanova

19 Jul

Sadly, it was revealed today that Tito Vilanova has resigned from his coaching duties, due to a recurrence of throat cancer. As you may remember, Tito took a couple of months off last season, to get treatment after a relapse, so it is very saddening to hear that he is sick once again. We wish him and his family all the best and hope he kicks cancer’s ass once and for all. It feels wrong to speak of his replacement at the same time as his resignation, given the circumstances, but a club is a business that must keep running & these are the details they chose to share – assistant coach Joan Francesc Ferrer Sicilia, ‘Rubi’, will temporarily assume Tito’s duties and a new manager will be announced next week.

Animo Tito!



Thursday Late Night Bits & Bobs

11 Jul

Nacho (1)How does this always happen? I get home from work late, eat dinner and then sit down to post – poof! – it’s close to 11 PM. I give up. Here’s a quick rundown.

First, congrats to Nacho who yesterday extended his contract with Real Madrid for an additional 4 years. Continue reading

Updated: Get Well Soon: Tito Vilanova

19 Dec

tito-vilanovaI was very sorry to hear today that Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova has suffered a recurrence of his cancer. He had a cancerous tumor removed about 13 months ago. Barca will make a statement later today about the 44 year old coach’s condition. Real Madrid made an official announcement wishing him well and extending support to his family and club. Several RM players have also offered support through social media. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tito and his family. Let’s hope he makes a speedy recovery. Animo Tito!

UPDATED: Tito will undergo surgery tomorrow with a hospital stay of 3-4 days followed by 6 weeks of chemo.

– Lozil

Pre-Clasico Lunching & Coentrao Ban

29 Aug

Sandro Rosell and FloPeezy look like they’d rather stick red hot pokers up their rectums than have lunch with each other, don’t they? C’mon, gentlemen, shake hands! Continue reading

1 El Clasico Down, 1 to Go….for now

27 Aug

After yesterday’s Liga result, I thought I’d get to this recap first since the first leg of the Supercopa was a much better turn out. Sure, we lost….BUT we did score first, got two away goals, and we had Di Maria – oh how I loved that little moment with Valdes! Di Maria’s goal made the loss bearable, I think. And best of all, we still have a chance to win this thing. In two days time, the first title of the season will be decided and it’ll be on our home turf. Vamos Real!….and if we don’t win, we didn’t want it in the first place. 😉 Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Now We’re Cooking With Sass And Extra Added Peen, Apparently.

11 Jul

Sese tweeted a shot of himself cooking and said that he enjoyed his day on his friend’s farm. *I* enjoyed these half naked shots of him on the beach in Ibiza. Continue reading