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A Xabi Break, Aliens, Hello Santi Claus! & More

18 Dec

BbwgJRkIAAAAYbiIt’s nice to finally be home from work! Since I kinda blew it earlier and tomorrow’s Drool published inadvertently (since deleted), I’d like to make it up to you by giving you a little Xabi break. Just sit there and contemplate his perfection for a bit before heading into the rest of the post. (Photo via SocialRMadrid) Continue reading

Thursday Late Night Bits & Bobs

11 Jul

Nacho (1)How does this always happen? I get home from work late, eat dinner and then sit down to post – poof! – it’s close to 11 PM. I give up. Here’s a quick rundown.

First, congrats to Nacho who yesterday extended his contract with Real Madrid for an additional 4 years. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Now We’re Cooking With Sass And Extra Added Peen, Apparently.

11 Jul

Sese tweeted a shot of himself cooking and said that he enjoyed his day on his friend’s farm. *I* enjoyed these half naked shots of him on the beach in Ibiza. Continue reading

Preparation: Portugal & Czech Republic

20 Jun

Both Portugal are heavily into their preparation before their quarter final match tomorrow. They must all be so nervous! A Portugal picspam is up first. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Tomáš Rosický

18 Mar

Attacking midfielder Tomas plays for Arsenal. He has played for Czech Republic at the U15, U16, U17, U18, U21 and senior levels.

A Whole Lotta La Roja – Post I: Extra Game Pix

10 Oct

There’s a ton of material to catch up on from the past few days and I’ll spread it out over a number of posts. First up, are some left over shots from the game vs. Czech Republic. The focus is on Nando and Sergio. Yum.
Continue reading