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Torres Presser and The Kids Make an Appearance

4 Sep


Nando completed his first AC Milan presser Tuesday and, well, it was a pretty pedestrian exercise. There were questions about fitting in with the team, working with new coach Inzaghi, wearing the No. 9, etc. There was, however, one moment of genius thanks to AC Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani in response to a rather silly question: Continue reading

Provisional World Cup 2014 Squad List For Spain Released

13 May

La Roja provisionalThe provisional squad list for Spain has been released! A few surprises but not as many as I expected. Continue reading

This Is Gonna Take Some Getting Used To…

26 Jan

David Moyes: “My week is starting to look up!”

It’s amazing how things change on a dime, isn’t it? I’m just flashing back to the end of the last transfer window when my heart was crushed into a million pieces. I’m a neutral in this case, but it still makes me so incredibly sad. Mata loved, and was loved by, Chelsea. Continue reading

Tormata & Dave To Do Live Q&A 12/20

13 Dec

0,,10268~12455452,00To celebrate 20 million Facebook ‘likes’ for the club,  Chelsea’s Fernando Torres, Juan Mata & César Azpilicueta (aka Dave) will do a half hour live Q & A on December 20th. You can get all the details here.

– Lozil

Updated: The Beach Boys (And Girls)

24 Jun

Iker’s take on Brazil

Hey everyone – I apologize for getting this post up so late. I’m up to my ass in work and I didn’t even get home from work until after 9 PM and I’m sick to boot. I needed to get some food in my system and unwind for a few minutes before I started posting pictures. Please understand that it can take hours to put a post together. I collect photos all day long, then I have to organize them, etc. I do this when I have a few free moments. I’ve had the beach pictures all day, but I haven’t had time to put them on the blog. As Sergio would say “Please be patience.” Anyhow, here’s a gigantic picture dump. As you can see, life’s a beach – well, if you’re a footballer. Continue reading

Chelsea’s Spanish Quartet

8 Oct


You’re pretty much guaranteed a good time when footballers are got together to do something for their fans and thanks to Chelsea TV, we get this little gem of a special featuring  The Blues’ Spaniards. Lozil gave us the heads up for this footage a few days ago when she posted Juan Mata’s pic and now we have the full video. Check out Nando looking gorg, the Sexy Carebear’s teasing & SINGING, and sweet moments from Oriol & Cesar. Catch the second part after the jump! Continue reading

A Little Bit Of Pirata

16 Sep

“I’ve got my eyes on you, Pirate! Stay the hell away from my Juanin!”

(To which Pirata probably snitted back “Sergio sends his love.”) Our favorite hipster classed it up all over the midfield this weekend as QPR held Chelsea to a 0-0 tie. And no matter what Nando had to say about it, he reunited with his BFF, Juan Mata. Continue reading

Uh Oh! Nando Hissy On The Horizon

30 Aug

Juanin just heard that his bestie Pirata is moving to London. Apparently so did Nando from the look on his face. Oriol knows the shit is about to hit the fan and is staying the hell out of it. Is Tormata’s ship about to sink?

Somewhere in a mall in Spain, Sergio Ramos smiles maniacally to himself while perusing the racks at Fashion Bug for brightly colored skinny jeans. His plan had worked.

– Lozil


27 Jun

The boys have finally figured out how to deal with that pesky competition for Nando thing: a threesome. I mean, we’ve been saying it since last year. Why don’t they ever listen to us?! Negredo looks hopeful that he might be able get in on some of that action (I mean, can you blame him?) Give them a chance to settle in, bb, then we can think about making it a foursome. (Holy crap, they can name the ensuing blue movie Pony Does Panenka!)

– Lozil

Lotsa Bits & Bobs: Bebes And More

23 Jun

So Spain progresses to the semi-finals and will meet Portugal. Argh. It’s hard being a Madridista. Congratulations to Xabi Alonso who not only celebrated his 100th cap for Spain, but scored a brace to carry them on to the semis. Hala Xabi! Continue reading