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Sunday On The Pitch, Xabi & The Pips

15 Feb

Thank god he’s not too mangled!

See Marcelo have to leave the pitch yesterday gave me quite a scare! Whatever happened doesn’t appear to be serious, thankfully, as he was excercising on the pitch today. Continue reading

Ready For The Reds

3 Nov
Gentlemen! Try not to break each other!

Gentlemen! Try not to break each other!

Tomorrow we once again face Liverpool. Somewhere on the other side of Manhattan, I can hear watishista Mandi kvetching. It’s tough going when both your teams play each other. Like Highlander, there can only be one and (sorry, girl!) I’m praying that it’s Real Madrid. Continue reading

Champions League Action Here We Come

1 Apr

Show us what ya got!

Final training session before CL quarter finals tomorrow? Check. Another player to add to our growing list of injured boys? Check. Seriously, can we STOP with the injuries please?? It’s like everytime someone is close to rejoining the team, we find ourselves with another player on the way out. Ugh.

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Training, Chatty Dani, & Shadow Puppets?

31 Mar

Zi-zou bisou bisou!

It looks like somebody is wanting, nay needing, to get a closer look at the pretty that is Zizou! We saw what the extra friendly behavior did for the boys against Rayo, if Benz needs the extra lurve from his mentor to make things happen against Dortmund, then so be it! Do it for the goals!

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Sunday Training & Checking Up On Sami!

30 Mar


Nothing like a 5-0 win to put everyone in the best of spirits, right? Let’s see some of that goal power against Dortmund! Yep, there’s no pause for these guys, they launched straight into preparations for the CL action this week. No rest for the wickedly talented.

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Would you like a side of drama to go with that training session?

28 Mar


These two were missed in Sevilla, but they’ll be back in action tomorrow. The final training session before Rayo was held today and everyone but our injured boys, plus Modric who is out with the flu, was at Ancelotti’s disposal.

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Thursday Feels Like Monday

27 Mar


Well, yesterday was a bust and I’m not really in the mood to be hopeful yet….though Arbeloa is desperately trying to get us there with his motivational quotes. Then again, I’m never too down in the dumps to NOT open a post with a booty shot. Thanks Isco.

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Training, Karim Takes To The Ring & Guti Changes His Mind?

11 Apr

Oy – I’m finally home from work and snarfed some take out. What a long ass day. Here’s some goodies from training. Carvalho is back after illness while Essien, Cristiano Ronaldo, Higuain, Kaka and Coentrao trained inside. Continue reading