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Happy Birthday Chori!

4 Sep

Happy birthday to big beautiful goofy Chori, who turns 27 today. The most unlikely center of a bromantic love triangle that you could ever imagine. But our Trampiol defies expectations. Feliz cumpleanos, Albiol, may your coming year be filled with all the bromance you can handle (WITH ARBELOA, DAMN IT!).

– Lozil

UPDATED: The Hair is Lookin’ Better!

7 Jun

I think the mini mullet is gone! WOOT WOOT! Either Sergio really did get a trim, notice no hair flip in the back, or someone finally & rightfully intervened after yesterday’s hair fiasco. If Xabi had a hand in this, I’d love it if he came out & took credit for the styling. Arbeloa though, can take credit for this hair update, he posted this pic saying that these two are playing tennis on their PS Vita’s and he doesn’t know which one of them is worse! I love Albiol’s concentrated pose! Ah I love these dorks. Continue reading

Oh Pipa!

7 Jun

In happier news, Pipa sent us all a hello & well wishes last night, along with this photo. I was all ‘Oh, long time no tweet, Pipa! Hiiiiiii!’ and then I clicked the link. I think it’s pretty clear that Pipa’s efforts to stay in touch aren’t for us, they’re to woo Albiol from afar. Those bedroom eyes, the rumpled bed sheets, that crotch shot, yeah he’s just using us to get to Trampiol. Do I mind? No, of course not, with shots like these, but next time lose the shirt. How would an Argentine say ‘Come hither’?