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First Session Of The Week, A Goodbye (For Now), Sergio’s Day Off & Some Nonsense

31 Jan

_3am3088thumbThe team had their first session of the week in preparation for the match on Sunday vs. Celta  Continue reading

Blue Steel, Bebés & More

2 Feb

Okay, the universe obviously hates me. Zoolander came to the Bernabeu but THE TEAM WASN”T THERE! WTF, WORLD?! Continue reading

De Gea Drama

1 Sep

david-de-gea_3175501bIt wouldn’t be Real Madrid without some epic drama, now would it? We all watched with bated breath as the transfer window neared closing, only to find the deal with Manchester United scuppered in the most clusterfucky way possible. Let the finger pointing begin! Continue reading

It’s Official: Chicharito On Loan To Real Madrid

1 Sep

Satellite (1)Well, I finally made it England yesterday after detours to Boston and back to NYC. I went directly to get roast dinner down the pub and watched that shitshow of a match. Then I slept for about 12 hours. I woke up to find Falcao had gone to MUFC and Chicharito was on his way to us. Put the pillow back over my head and slept some more. I was hoping to sleep completely through transfer deadline day but the lure of tea and extra mature cheesy toast finally got me moving. So, yeah, welcome Chicharito! Continue reading

Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

10 Jul
Would that picking one's team was as easy as picking one's shoes

Would that picking one’s team was as easy as picking one’s shoes, eh?

So where will El Pirata end up this coming season? On June 30th,  Real Sociedad posted an official notice thanking three players whose contracts had ended: Esteban, Jose Angel & Javi Ros.  El Pirata’s loan was officially up, so it’s back to QPR now. Or is it? Continue reading

It’s Official: Mesut Ozil Is A Gunner

2 Sep

mesut-ozilMy boo done left the building. He confirmed it to Sky Sports Germany. I’m not thrilled, obviously – in fact, I’m absolutely gutted and I think this is a huge mistake – but some of the ridiculousness I’ve seen online is gagging me. I love Mesut, but I love Real Madrid too.  Sounds like Mesut seems pretty happy and confident in this deal, so I really hope people can chill on all the finger pointing. Continue reading

Updated: I Hate Transfer Deadline Day

2 Sep

Transfer Deadline Day LogoI tried to stay in bed and offline for as long as humanly possible, but I have to put on my big girl panties and deal with it. It’s Transfer Deadline Day. That said, I’ve made lunch and dinner plans so I get a respite from staring at my screen and cursing.

Feel free to discuss the day’s inevitable fuckery in the comments section. I’ll update the post throughout the day with any official announcements after the jump. Continue reading

Updated: Preparing For Granada And More

31 Jan

Entrenamiento (5)Everything was coming up Baby today and with very good reason. After that stonking performance yesterday, the press turned into squeeing fangirls. I can’t blame them. When was the last time you saw a post-Clasico cover about someone other than Cristiano or Leo? Continue reading