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Catching Up, A Few Thoughts And Family News

16 Nov

Satellite (13)The team had a moment of silence before training today in tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Continue reading

Cristiano Gets His Skills On – Both Ball Work and Modeling

14 Jul

Cris was demonstrating his some of his skills this past week. First up, he was showing off his ball work on Japanese TV show.

I wonder that guy playing keepy uppie with him is supposed to be in a Sergio Ramos costume to make Cris feel more at home? I mean, c’mon! Red & blue shoes, rolled up electric blue pants, green shirt layered over a white shirt, pink jacket and straw fedora with electric blue trim (last seen on Pipita circa 2011): that is Classic Ramos Casual.  Cris probably appreciated such attention to detail and slung an arm around the guy afterward and suggested a Big Gucci belt buckle buying binge.  Continue reading

David Beckham: Chubby Embarrassing Dad

29 Jan

Becks was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and he had some funny anecdotes about what his kids think of him. It was pretty adorable.

– Lozil

Becks On Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday

26 Jan

Watishista PMom_GA gave me the heads up that David Beckham will be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live this Wednesday. Remember when they played Egg Russian Roulette?

– Lozil