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Quick Bits & Bobs: Deportivo, More Mesut & A Surprise Victory

29 Aug

Llegada_del_Real_Madrid (4)I’m way behind the gun on this one because the Teresa Herrera Cup match is already in the second half but I wanted to post the arrival pictures among other things. Continue reading

Sunday Training, Varane Interview, Pepe Joins A Pena

21 Apr

A hectic day! Not only for me but for the team. They got right back to training for Wednesday’s Champions League match with Borussia Dortmund. Continue reading

The Internationals Return Home, Xabi Signs, Sese Shares, Cristiano Confuses, Benz Tries Out A New Profession

27 Mar

Entrenamiento (7)Welcome back, Pipita’s booty! It was certainly nice of the RM photogs to share this angle today. The internationals returned to training today at Valdebebas (with the exception of Angel, who is resting). They were joined by Jose Rodriguez and Mosquera from the academy. Continue reading

UPDATED: A Trip To The Mou-seum & Sergio Talks Turkey

23 Mar

Mourinho (1)Mou traveled to his hometown of Setúbal, Portugal for the opening of a museum exhibit dedicated to his amazing life and career to date. Continue reading

Catching Up With RM Training, Sadgate Updates And More

5 Sep

Sorry I’ve taken so long to post today. I quite frankly needed a serious break from footy related nonsense last night and today has been fairly horrendous at work. Anyhow, two days of training to catch up on back in Madrid. Continue reading

Cassano Fined By UEFA For Homophobic Comments

20 Jul


In a move that surprised and pleased me, the UEFA got their heads out of their arses long enough to fine Antonio Cassano for his homophobic remarks during a Euro 2012 presser. Continue reading

8 Blancos Make UEFA’s Team Of The Tournament For Euro 2012

2 Jul

Eight of our boys made the Euro 2012 Team of the Tournament – the best representation of any club team. Continue reading

Bits And Bobs: Platini Really Really Likes Us, Iker Likes Judo, Xabi Gets All Pirata On Our Arses, Cris Jr & Irina Hangin’ Out, Classy Arteta

5 Mar

UEFA grand poobah Michel Platini was at the Real-Espanyol game yesterday sittin’ with FloPeezy in the Presidential Balcony and had some nice things to say about Los Blancos. Continue reading

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…

25 Aug

While Cristiano was in Monaco blatantly being hit on by the presenter (can you blame her? The other options were Xavi and Messi) of the inaugural UEFA European Player of the Award, our boys were back home practicing for the match against Zaragoza this weekend.  Messi won the award as expected but do not fear! I’m sure that Cristiano was given a “consolation prize” by that presenter and Xavi has his self-righteousness to keep him warm at night along with his Mes Que Un Club duvet set. Onward to the pretty pictures!
Continue reading

Champions League Draw

25 Aug

Ah, the draw is (finally) done! What do you think of our group? I was so hoping that Dortmund would end up in Group H as well. 😉  But Barca and Milan? That’s going to be fun!