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Let’s Hope This Isn’t A Case Of “Start As You Mean To Go On”

1 Jan

060028-23090496-85ff-11e4-b6d1-a55c994c6803What did I say just yesterday about easing up on the drama? Being Real Madrid, that just couldn’t happen. After spending a quiet New Year’s Day mildly hungover and binge watching Jessica Jones, I get text from Shigs about someone going on a high speed car chase with the police. First thought was Benzema, naturally. But then she said “like Benzema” so my brain said “Oh c’mon Jese, JFC.” BUT NO. She texts again and says James. JAMES RODRIGUEZ?! WTH? Continue reading

UPDATED: It’s Official: Douchebag Fans To Face The Music

23 Mar

real_madrid_logoWell that was quick (and smart)! I’d barely calmed down from my rant and Real Madrid has already identified the fans who went apeshit on G-Money, Jese  & Sergio and are taking action.  Continue reading

Perhaps That Wasn’t The Smartest Idea, Mesut

12 Jul

1405115388727_Image_galleryImage_image001_pngSigh. When Mesut gets back to London, he’s got some drama to deal with. Back in February, photographer Lee Essex called 999 saying that Mesut assaulted him by driving his Porsche up on the sidewalk and clipping him with the side mirror, which Ozil disputes. (Yes, the photog was lurking outside Mesut’s house to ambush him). Anyhow, Essex called 999 and the police came and questioned Mesut. Sounds straightforward, right? Continue reading

Mesut Shops At Louis Vuitton

17 Feb

My boo is clearly sending a shout out to me with that NY Yankees cap on. I hear you, darling!! But what the ever lovin’ force violin is that jacket you’re wearing?! Did Sergio pick that Michael Jackson lookin’ thing out for you?! I’m starting to think he’s a bad influence on you. And now you’re shopping at Louis Vuitton too…
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Uh Oh! Sami & Lena’s GQ Picture Caused Arrests

16 Feb

Remember those hot pictures of Sami & Lena? They got some Tunisian journalists in hot water.
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Wonder What Xavi Had To Say About That?

29 Jul

Barca is in Washington, DC to play Manchester United.  So they thought that they’d have a kickabout on the National Mall with a little photo op. Not so quickly, gentlemen. Get your arses off the grass! The lady park ranger is having none of this “we are football” nonsense. She doesn’t care if you’re football, you’re not walking on the nation’s official damn greenery. End of story. Villa’s bitchface as he gets back on the bus is epic.  You just don’t mess with the US Parks Service.  They are straight up serious.  No word on if the ranger waved goodbye and mumbled  either  “Hala Madrid” or Glory, Glory Man United” under her breath as the spurned Catalans drove away, but I think it’s less a matter of partisanship and more about lawn care. 😉 (Video and story via Dirty Tackle)