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Sunday Recovery Session & Love Is All Around

14 Feb

Satellite (4)The team had a recovery session today. The starters stayed indoors with the exception of Toni came out for a bit of a run. Continue reading

Things I Never Expected To See Part II

11 Feb

Pepe being Mr. Romance, but that’s okay, because he made up for it in the clip after the jump. Continue reading

Pepe’s First Boots

6 Jul

Umbro posted this video (with English subtitles) of Pepe with his dad, talking about how he got his first pair of boots. While it is in essence an advert for Umbro, that doesn’t take away from the story of what the family sacrificed to provide the boots for him.  If you don’t know a lot about him, I urge you to watch this and read the translation of his Real interview from 2011.  Pepe on the pitch and off are two very distinctly different people.

– Lozil