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Are You Ready?

24 May

Satellite (1)Yeah, neither am I, but the big day is upon us! The team did their stretchies atop the hotel and we were treated to more behind the scenes goodies. Continue reading

More International Fun/A Close Shave

28 Feb

La Roja’s new kit was released and promoted by Adidas.  Some of our boys got their smize on modeling the kits.
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The Daily Drool: Unai Casillas

6 Mar

Unai, you little tease!

Okay, I lied, Unai is the oldest Muppet Baby this week. He’s 21 (I believe), but damn, look how adorable he is! And he’s Iker’s brother! And he’s sucking on his finger in that picture (and he looks sooo much like Iker right then. Let’s pretend he’s not wearing what looks like a Members Only jacket, shall we?)  And…oh never mind, he’s hot and we’re featuring him. I’m sure you won’t mind a few more pictures, right?

If you can bear to look at his most hideous visage, read on….

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