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Bits & Bobs: Marcelo, Italy, RVP, Karim, Calleti & Zlatan

5 Jun

Marcelo once again brightened our day by posting this picture with Pato on his Webstagram page. I hope that he keeps this up every day! Can’t wait to see “Marcelo in NY” pictures.  Continue reading

Arbeloa Looking Hot Then Ruining It With Creepy Toe Shoes

8 May

Arbeloa tweeted these two fox-ay shots from his interview with XLSemanal. Continue reading

A Few Pre-Match Bits & Bobs

21 Mar

Real Madrid’s twitter feed posted a couple of pix of the guys chillaxing pre-match. First up, Mesut! Always cracks me up to see big ass headphones plugged into an Ipod. But then again, I’m an in-ear Sennheiser kinda chica. Less to carry on the subway. Continue reading

La Roja Call Ups

7 Nov

Greetings from Denver. I managed to screw up my wake up call and arrived for my 6:3o AM meeting at 5:30 AM. Classic. But it does allow me a few minutes to post an update. The Spanish National Team call ups for the matches with England and Costa Rica have been announced.
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Nando, Gorgeous in Esquire España

23 Oct

It’s a slow news day since our boys earned a well-deserved day off. I thought you’d enjoy these great pictures (doesn’t he look bitchface-fabulous in this one?!) from Esquire España that were posted on Con La Roja yesterday along with a translation of the article. Una rocks as ever – what would we do without her? Two more pictures after the jump.
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Batten Down The Hatches, Here Comes Hurricane Fangirl: Sergio & Lara Are On Again

21 Sep

Oh hell, what a way to wake up. I’m sorry, Maisougio!  Unamadridista posted this piccie today along with an explanation of the article: “The article says that Sergio and Lara have reconciled after several months apart (although their relationship was never confirmed the first time around), with these photos of them leaving a flamenco show as proof (they also had a “romantic dinner” and a few drinks).  It also says that Sergio was the one who decided to get back together, after he returned to Madrid from Real Madrid’s American tour.”

Thanks una for sharing the news although I know it’s going to send girly shock waves across fandom. That sound you just heard? 80 bazillion fangirl hearts breaking simultaneously.


Grin and “Bear” It, Gentlemen…

29 Jul

Saw this today on unamadridista and couldn’t resist re-posting it due to the hilarity. I needed a giggle after a night of doing research until my eyes crossed. Anyhow, as you can see, Real Madrid is not the only club that has photographers that enjoy torturing players. Here our guys pose with Herthinho, who is the mascot of Hertha Berlin. Mesut’s rocking his mono face (or he’s terrified), Mou looks like he’s been stunned by a blunt object, Iker has lost the will to live and Cris, bless him, well, he’s just up for anything that allows him to put a thumb up and grin.  You know that El Pirata took one look at this scenario and said “Fuck that shit, I’m outta here. If I pose with a giant bear and a thumbs up, no one will ever take my sensitive indie rock YouTube recommendations seriously again.” and then he curled up with some Dylan on his iPod while reading Infinite Jest for the 50th time.  Poor Herthinho, you deserve better. Next time we’ll get Marcelo and Pepe in there, they know how to bring the fun.

I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Sure Ready For Some Brotherly Love…

23 Jul

…so I’m headed off to the city named for it. Let’s hope it brings some extra special bromancing.  It’s 10:00 AM and already 90 degrees. Ugh. The only positive thing about this heat is that for once, Iker may not wear Under Armor and if that happens, my camera will certainly be ready. Here are the boys checking into the Ritz Carlton. I see Fabio has, sadly, not lost that hat yet and The Ramos, in tribute to American frat boys everywhere, has opted for a backwards baseball cap style.  Lovely homage, sir!  Lots of hardy Madridistas were out last night to welcome the boys.
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As Perfect As Her Husband

21 Jul

Nagore Aranburu is impossible to hate because she’s elegant, cool and down to earth just like her hubby, Xabi Alonso.  Granted, their perfection sometimes makes one want to throw oneself off a cliff because one can’t measure up (ahem), but “one” -and I mean “me” – certainly doesn’t begrudge them because they’re just too darn nice. Glamour Espana featured an article/photo shoot with Nagore by Javier Salas. Photos after the jump.  The wonderful unamadridista provides a translation of the article. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Vacation Snaps, Transfer Rumors, A Birthday, Drama & More

4 Jul

Hey y’all – I’m spending my 4th of July having a good long rest, so this post is going to be a quickie. I’m recovering nicely, but I’m going to work from home this week because I’m still not 100%. First up, a big feliz cumpleaños to Real Madrid (& football) legend Alfredo Di Stefano who is celebrating his 85th birthday today.
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