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Moucation and Other Bits & Bobs

22 Jun

Watishista! super sleuth Maddy tracked down this picture of Mou and the fam kicking back over on Mesut Means Happy  When I popped over there to see what was happening, I came upon this hilarious ESPN Women’s World Cup commercial with Abby Wambach.
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The Sernando Drought Continues…

1 Jun

Um…Sergio? That’s the wrong Fernando!

Whatever is (or rather isn’t) going on between Sernando needs to be fixed and pronto! Definitely by this weekend! I want some full metal Sernando action at Foxboro or my head will explode.
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UPDATED: La Roja Arrival Photos

31 May

Here’s Sergio arriving at La Rozas. I can’t wait for the rest of the arrival pictures, especially SERNANDO shots! I’m also excited about seeing them in the flesh this weekend. Another shot after the jump and I’ll keep adding pictures to this post as I get them so check back.

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Looking Back and Not Looking At All

25 May

One of una’s readers, Sanna, sent in a link to this great video recap of the Real Madrid season. Relive the pleasure and pain.

Also, Cristiano posted this statement on his Twitter today:

“I’ve repeatedly asked the media to respect the privacy of my baby son, who has no public profile whatsoever; Furthermore there are safety considerations involved. However, some newspapers published again unpixelated photographs of him. I am sorry but I cannot tolerate this and have instructed my lawyers to initiate legal proceedings in case of any new episodes. But I do hope they come to their senses.”

Out of respect for his wishes, we’ll be pixelating the pictures that we had posted the other day. If you want to see them, look quickly because Maisougio is going to be hard at work fixing them ASAP. Sorry, Cris. We would never want to put Junior in harm’s way. We were just excited to see his adorable chubby little face. But we can understand your concern. We’re on it. xoxo, Lozil & Maisougio

Bits and Bobs: May 19

19 May

Little bits of news from here and there today. This is a doozy though. The other day in London, Kaka and Robin Van Persie played paintball in a novel way. There were soccer balls covered in paint that they kicked at a bunch of kids that are running around. Um, okay. Not sure who thought that would be a good promotional idea but there you go.
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Now Wait A Minute…

17 May

Check out this article which is saying that Arbeloa also acknowledged that Busquets did make the slur and seems unhappy with UEFA’s decision. Why on earth would he say he was glad that Busquets could play in the final?! Clarity, thy name is una. Help us, Obi-Wan-Una, you are our only hope!

UPDATED: So Much Freaking News Today

17 May

Have some hot Pipita to get you through the news round up…

Lots of bits and bobs today – not all of it earth shattering, but c’mon in…

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Apologies, News, Scandals, Baby Mama Drama, The Pride Cup

14 May

First, my apologies, there was a ton of news yesterday and I was completely missing in action. I had a (thankfully) minor surgical procedure and I just didn’t feel well enough to do any posting. So I crawled in bed and slept for about 14 hours. Mea culpa.  Sheesh, doesn’t my doctor understand I have a blog to do?! PRIORITIES, DOCTOR! LEARN THEM! Anyhow, I’m feeling a bit better today so I’ll try to catch up on everything. There’s a lot to cover!

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9 May

Closed practices = old pictures!

Some interesting choices for tomorrow’s match against Getafe…


Goalkeepers: Adan, Tomas Mejias, Jesus
Defenders: Carvalho, Pepe, Marcelo, Arbeloa, Albiol, Garay
Midfielders: Granero, Lass, Alonso, Di Maria, Ozil, Canales, Pedro Leon
Forwards: Adebayor, Higuain, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema

Sese is suspended for the match. Iker and Dudek get a rest. Sami, Kaka and Gago are injured. I guess Xabi is feeling better but I wonder if he will start? It’s nice to see Tomy Mejias and Jesus getting called up. Adan kept clean sheets the last two times he was in goal, so let’s hope that he does it again!
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Ain’t No Party Like An East Coast Party…

7 May

So picture this scene… I’m sitting around the laundromat (hey, those jerseys and lacy unmentionables don’t wash themselves) and I see a comment pop in on my Blackberry. I open it, read and gasp so loud that the bored half asleep man reading the paper next to me jerks awake. I apologized for scaring him and went outside to squee. I didn’t have time to read una this morning, but luckily wa-tishista! mumblo did and delurked to share some good news that was on una’s blog!  REAL MADRID IS PLAYING PHILADELPHIA UNION ON JULY 23! An East Coast date! WHOOOOOOOOOOO! As you can imagine the Brooklyn Sweaty Shanks Pena will be out in full force and we’re going to try like hell to drag Maisougio and her Daytwah Posse along for the ride! Mumblo, thank you. I need to name my first born child or next cat after you. More than likely the latter as I am a confirmed happy spinster. Can’t tame The Lozil, y’all!

(BTW, that’s a picture of Pipita and El Pirata signing autographs at the hotel in Sevilla. I wonder if they’ll bring Pirata? Am I going to have to rent a pudding Thunderdome in Philly? ::grabs the Yellow Pages::)