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Bitsy Bobsy Part II

21 Sep

dce2f9e2213011e39cc422000aa80493_7Yeah, I’m about 2 months behind on Bits & Bobs so I’ve prepared a bunch. First up, I MISSED ENZO’S BIRTHDAY! That is unacceptable. It was 2 days ago. Our favorite bebe is now 4 years old. Wow. He’s getting so big. His proud parents along with Tia Yasmin & Tio Caio had a party for him.   Continue reading

Training, Aitor’s Presser, Traveling To Vigo & More

9 Mar
Calleti looks like a conehead!

Calleti looks like a conehead!

The team had their last training today before traveling to Vigo for tomorrow’s match against Celta. Both Cristiano and Sergio returned to training with the team. Here’s some video (it’s #2 and starts at 4:16) from La Sexta showing the team goofing around and Essien yanking what looks like a hair out of Ozil’s face. Continue reading

Iker Injury Update

24 Jan

tumblr_mh4sljJih81qftb6ko1_1280Pobrecito! Couldn’t the club find someone to drive the poor man home? I volunteer to be chauffeur! (Picture via GFSports)

So the news is not good. Not even vaguely good. RM issued a statement today that was rather vague in terms of how long he would be out. Continue reading

Wax On Wax Off, Haircuts, Labor & More

22 Jan

601142_10151227046597321_615477602_nSo a lot is going on today, not the least that Shakira is apparently in labor. Undoubtedly, she’ll have long given birth by the time I actually get this post up.  ::heavy sigh::

However, Mesut’s tummy is the one on my mind right now. My boo posted a bunch of pictures from his measuring session for his Madame Tussaud’s wax figure on Facebook. How thoughtful of him! Continue reading