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Welcome To The World Paolo Andrea Iniesta Ortiz!

31 May

Congratulations to Andres Iniesta & his wife Anna Ortiz who welcomed a son today. Big sister Valeria will now have a little sibling to play with! I’m so excited for them. They had a heartbreaking loss when Anna miscarried in March of 2014. While that pain will never go away, I hope that the arrival of little Paolo will help comfort them and their family. Mazel tov!

– Lozil

Heartbreaking News

8 Mar

Andres_Iniesta-Anna_Ortiz-padres-Valeria-Barcelona-futbol_MDSIMA20131027_0080_43Andres Iniesta was absent from Barca’s game against Real Valladolid today for “personal reasons”. Sadly, it turns out that his wife Anna had complications with her second pregnancy, which they announced in late October. She lost the baby, which was due in June. Anna was six months into her pregnancy at the time of her miscarriage, which is absolutely heartbreaking. The couple have a daughter, Valeria, who will turn 3 next month. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain they must be in right now. They must be absolutely devastated.

– Lozil

Thursday Bits & Bobs

1 Aug

tumblr_mqug5o9yZs1qbpdiyo1_500Lordy, I have so many bits & bobs, I don’t even have a clue where to start. Ugh. How’s about I just begin with our boys? Here’s Iker (or rather Geeker from the looks of it) with a fan. Our intrepid capi also posted a  shot of his good friend Roy Batty from Blade Runner who was enjoying some LA poolside tanning.  Continue reading

Wednesday Training, Lots of Goodies & Leo Torres Falls On His Bum Some More

22 May

Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (4)Spring has sprung and our sexy croissant is throwing flirtatious looks around (and for once, they’re not into his own camera phone). Continue reading

Valeria Iniesta Takes To The Pitch

3 Sep

Her papi was crowned the UEFA Player of the Year, so little Valeria Iniesta Ortiz took to the pitch along with her mami, Anna to properly recognize his achievement. I think that trophy is absolutely terrifying; hope it didn’t scare the little cutie! Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Vacays, Videos, Very Compromising Positions & Much More

10 Jul

I had one of those days again – really hectic and I’ve got a bit of a headache going on. As I work during the day, I take notes, paste URLS, etc. on Notepad of stuff that I want to write about, interesting bits, etc. So today, I had a HUGE file going and my computer threw the Blue Screen of Death and I lost it all. I’m sure there were some major gems in there (or not!) but I’m going to try to add all that I can remember before bedtime. First up, some vacation goodies! Continue reading