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In the New York Groove

10 Aug

So I’m thinking that the number of Watishistas in attendance at these pre-season matches directly affects the level of game we get to see! Once again, the boys rocked it out with a big score & a fab display of RM talent. Cris got his booty on the score sheet and it was not just once, but twice! We also got to see beauties from Di Maria, Sergio, & Callejon, along with an awesome 2nd half performance from Kaka. I know Lozil and a number of Watishistas will be hittin’ Philly up for the Celtic match tomorrow, let’s see if the boys will put on another spectacular show with the help of some Watish! magic. Continue reading

Los Angeles brings out Los Goles in Los Blancos

4 Aug

I can’t believe I missed this match! A late dinner with my besties ran over into this fine goal-fest of a pre-season meet up with the LA Galaxy, grrrr luckily the food and company was worth it. Needless to say, I’m very happy the boys did well, they always do well in LA…it must be all the sunshine, palm trees, friendly peeps that get them going (hometown shout out 90041!) or I guess it could be, you know, their talented selves that effect their game. Ah well let’s get to the piccies, they’re purty! Cris thighs, Becks, & shirtlessness, oh my! Continue reading

I Can’t Believe We Won That One…

6 May

He can’t believe it either…

Oh my God, that was way rough to watch. It was one of those matches that you just knew was going to be bad from the moment it started, especially after the BIG defensive mistakes that led to that opening goal. We sure as hell didn’t deserve to win but I’m glad the 100 point Liga goal is still attainable…assuming the boys have been scared out of party mode & make it work for the last match of the season! Continue reading

To Cibeles!

3 May

Get ready for a loooooong post, because there are a lot of pics & screen caps to see! I’m enjoying looking at these pics more than watching the live stream….because I spent most of that time being jealous as hell of everyone in the plaza 😛 Continue reading

Celebratory Meal

3 May

Before making their way onto the bus & to Cibeles, the team got together to have a celebratory meal at El Telégrafo. So many pretty mens in one place, WOOF! Consider my waitress/hostess/whatever you need application, submitted. Continue reading

UPDATED AGAIN: From the Final Whistle to the Airplane! -To Madrid!

2 May

These pics are absolutely wayyyy too gorgeous to be saved for the game post, so enjoy!!!! Continue reading

The Boys get to Trainin’

1 May

There were lots and lots of smiles at training today as the team made their final preparations for tomorrow’s match against Bilbao. Jogging, check. Stretching, check. Drills, check. Thumbs up, shorts hiked up, making bromance partners jealous, check check check! Continue reading

Christmas Lunch and Prezzies

18 Dec

Today was Real Madrid’s Christmas Lunch, an event I think we all look forward to every year. With the Footballers & Bballers getting together to mingle, we get pictures that make us tingle…in a totally innocent holiday/family oriented way of course. There’s also the infamous Holiday Greeting video that the team gifts us with, it hasnt been posted yet but there are gorgey pics to enjoy in the meantime! Continue reading