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La Roja Keeps On a-Trainin’

14 Jun
Spain's Sergio Ramos spits water during a training session ahead of the Confederations Cup, in Recife

Resisting the urge to make a comment about Sergio and….not swallowing. Oops, sorry not sorry!

Happy Confederations Cup Eve! Who’s excited? I sure am. La Roja still has one more day of preparations before their first match on Sunday. It was the same routine for today, some training, being swarmed by fans, and giving pressers…you know, the glamorous life. Continue reading

A Little La Roja Catch Up Before Kick Off

8 Jun

Fernando Torres

The Spain/Haiti Friendly is going to kick off shortly, so here is a recap of what the boys have been up to, yesterday & today. First up are training pics….inside a bubble?

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La Roja Nerds Out Over The NBA & Some Other News

7 Jun


You know the boys were super excited for Game 1 of the NBA finals, they couldn’t stop tweeting about it! Some were so excited they confused San Antonio with San Fransciso….ehem Sergio..but that’s ok, because in their excitement they shared a lot of really cute pictures. It’s not everyday we get to see the fan-girlees, fan-girl over something else!

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Memorial Day Bits & Bobs

27 May

943153_461596330598741_1161387953_nHope everyone in the US enjoyed their Memorial Day! I know I did. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a fantastic view of the NY harbor from watishista DK’s roof deck. I’m sleepy from the heat and ready to get some sleep but first a few things…

First and most importantly, Robbie Rogers was subbed in for the last 13 minutes of the LA Galaxy’s 4-0 win over Seattle Sounders. In that moment, he became the first openly gay male to play in a major American professional sport. He was greeted with a standing ovation. I am so incredibly pleased for him. There’s a fan support page for him on Facebook if you want to go and send a little note of encouragement. Continue reading

Training, More Tennis, Men’s Health Finds 2 New Cover Boys & More

10 May

Sorry about the earlier double post. That’s what happens when you have two people in different cities working on the same blog. I had an open post that I hadn’t saved so Maisougio couldn’t see mine and I didn’t see her’s until after I hit ‘publish.’ So you got the happy news twice! This is going to be another quickie as a work project just rolled in.

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The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Victor Valdes

30 Apr

9766-victor-valdes-revista-dt_6We’ve come to the end of Drool Amnesty. I’m sorry that I couldn’t fit everyone’s in to the month – but we’ll save some for next time. Maybe we need to have at least a week of Amnesty twice a year? Anyway, Victor Valdes was the number one request for Drool Amnesty. I think watishista mygypsyspirit expressed it best (and most hilariously) as to what makes Valdes the essence of Drool Amnesty: “I just want to have hate sex with him. I’d make him wear the Barca jersey just to intensify my epic hate. His brow makes him look angry at all times and I would use that to my advantage. I’d whisper Di Maria’s name in his ear just to piss him off. Remind him he’s still third choice for Spain, and that Fernando Torres scored against him in Champions League. The angrier the better….Continue reading

Updated: La Roja to Doha

4 Feb

It’s about that time again! International week is upon us & the Campeones have donned their best red & yellows, took off for Doha, and landed safely. Tell me, was this international break scheduled purposely between Clasicos? Hmmm… Continue reading

La Roja Says Adios to Panama & 2012

17 Nov

Well, that’s it for La Roja! You either saw, or will see in this post, their last 5 goals of the year and won’t see the team again until 2013….if there is a 2013….just kidding. 😉 They pulled off a great match with some stunning goals (SERHIOOOO!) from some of our most-capped players & from one who got his first. Continue reading

Out & About with La Roja

13 Nov

“Don’t cry for me, Panama!”

Man, I can’t look at this pic without thinking, Sergio you are such a dork! Quit waving your cap at people and let one of your buddies wear it, it looks like Villa & Cesc could use the shade. La Roja had an eventful day, there were chats with the press, visits to the Presidential Palace, and a trip down the Panama Canal. Up first, are leftover pics from yesterday’s arrival.

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La Roja Ready For France

15 Oct


The boys finished up their final preparations for the match tomorrow, bringing equal parts of energy for drills & prettiness for us. As always, La Roja’s final training session was filled with smiles and some of the boys got a special little visit from some amis….*hint* *hint*

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