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Bad Mou gets banned

5 Oct

Remember that incident back in August? During the second leg of the Supercopa, after Marcelo’s tackle on Cesc? Who am I kidding, I know you know what Im talking about… Continue reading

Updated: Here We Go Again…Damn It

23 Aug

Real Madrid has released an official statement  expressing surprise that the RFEF has opened an investigation into the Supercopa clusterfuck.  Marcelo, Ozil & Villa get a one match ban (um, what about Valdes & Pinto) and they’re looking into the Mou/Vilanova incident.  Just…ugh. So let me guess, this bullshit will drag on right up until mid-December when we play Barca again, right? That deserted island without wifi is looking better all the time.  Updated: Statement in English after the jump…
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