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Training In Turin & Pressers

4 May
"Call me papi" Hell yeah, I will.

“Call me papi” Hell yeah I will.

Ah Sergito, you certainly are looking extra fine and DILF-y today. Watishista Cosi shared a link to this great piece in the Guardian: Sergio Ramos: the most wonderfully charismatic baddie in world sport? Well worth a read.  The team trained this evening in Turin.  As they left the hotel, they were greeted by a huge crowd of fans. Continue reading

Recovery, Club World Cup & More

13 Dec

Satellite (7)The team had a recovery session this morning after their decisive win over Almeria. 20 in a row now! Whooo! Continue reading

No Resting On The Laurels, Right Back To Work

14 Aug

Satellite (13)Los Blancos had a recovery session today before they launch into preparing for the final pre-season game vs. Fiorentina on Saturday in Warsaw. Continue reading

DLo Says Goodbye

14 Aug

Satellite (1)The mothership posted a goodbye letter from Diego and it is just lovely. Get out the tissues. Continue reading

Playing Catch Up: Real Madrid Arrive & Train In St. Louis

9 Aug
Llegada_a_Saint_Louis (3)

Ooof, The Baby is rocking the Xabi classic cool pose.

The only crappy thing about taking a night off is that it means I have even more to catch up on (and I was already a couple of days behind on stuff).  However, not a lot of time to do that tonight, so expect some big posts over the weekend.

The team arrived last night in St. Louis after a short flight. They’re currently holed up at the Ritz Carlton.  Continue reading

Thursday Bits & Bobs

1 Aug

tumblr_mqug5o9yZs1qbpdiyo1_500Lordy, I have so many bits & bobs, I don’t even have a clue where to start. Ugh. How’s about I just begin with our boys? Here’s Iker (or rather Geeker from the looks of it) with a fan. Our intrepid capi also posted a  shot of his good friend Roy Batty from Blade Runner who was enjoying some LA poolside tanning.  Continue reading

Tuesday Training, Nacho Presser & More

16 Jul

Entrenamiento (6)

Oh people, this day has been nutsballs and I have to run out right after work to a show, so this will be brief. Today was the team’s second day of training. Illara trained inside while Xabi & The Baby continued their recovery. BTW, that’s the back of our new goalkeeping coach William Vecchi. He’s got some serious footy cred and a tough decision ahead of him (Iker or DLo) so best of luck and welcome! Continue reading