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World Cup 2014: Zlatan Has Arrived!

19 Jun

I repeat, Zlatan has arrived!

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Zlatan Ibrahimović: Made By Sweden Ad

25 Jan

Bummer! It’s only two minutes long, but what a glorious 2 minutes it is! And the whole family is there too: Evil Super Bitch Deluxe aka Helena, Maximilian and Vincent!

– Lozil

Updated: Zlatan Ibrahimović: Made By Sweden Teasers

25 Jan

Bel7HR7CAAAUhR9Please indulge me a post about my 2013 Drool Amnesty. Volvo Sweden is premiering a doc about Zlatan called “Made By Sweden” tonight (you know what I’ll be doing…) and the teasers have been spectacular. Updated: It’s not a documentary, it’s a 2 minute ad but it’s EPIC!
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The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

29 Apr

Vanity_Fair_Zlatan_Ibrahimovic_02Sigh. Okay, after almost a month of you showing me yours, it’s time to show you mine and it’s…Zlatan. Listen, I used to loathe this guy. I used to say he was my ultimate up-against-the-wall hate fuck, but somewhere along the way, it just turned into straight up love. I find him FASCINATING. He’s just… so Zlatan. As he would say, “There is only one Zlatan.” And he is magnificent. The dude is a walking sound bite, larger than life in every way. Watishista forzasusan shares my Zlove (sweet dreams, girlie!) as do several of you. Continue reading