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End Of An Era: El Niño Retires

24 Aug

I’m feeling a bit weepy. Nando played his final match for Sagan Tosu against a Vissel Kobe side that featured two of his closest friends, Andres Iniesta and David Villa. Continue reading

Watishing Into 2019

31 Dec

I honestly thought nothing could top 2017 for sheer fuckery. To that, 2018 said “Hold my beer.” Real Madrid-wise, there were highs (Decimotercera for one thing) and lows (the departures of Zizou and Cristiano, our current confusing form, etc.) but through all of it, we persevere. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Ilhan Mansiz

16 Apr

Damn, damn, damn! Wa-tishista! GinaM has a very good eye when it comes to hot boys. This here is Ilhan Mansiz. He’s a former Turkish striker who played for various professional teams in Turkey (including Beşiktaş) and Vissel Kobe in Japan from 1995-2006. He was a member of the Turkish National Team from 2001-2003. In the 2002 World Cup, he came on as a sub at 67 and scored a 94th minute goal against Senegal to put Turkey in the final four. They eventually placed third overall. Mansiz also assisted Hakan Şükür in that third place match when Şükür scored the fastest goal ever in a FIFA World Cup (10.89 seconds)! He took up figure skating (!) about 2 1/2 years ago at the age of 33. He won the Turkish version of Dancing on Ice (Buzda Dans) with his girlfriend Oľga Beständigová, a former Olympic skater from Slovakia. He is now training to represent Turkey in the 2014 Winter Olympics. If he qualifies, he will be the only person to have participated in both the World Cup and the Winter Olympics.  You are not only hot, but interesting, Ilhan.