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23 Mar

This is bullshit. Fans attacked Bale’s and Jese’s cars when the players returned home last night. They also screamed abuse. I can’t believe Sergio even entertained their bullshit (I know, he was trying to smooth the waters, but give these people an inch and they’ll take a mile). Continue reading

Friday Training, Morata/Pepe Interviews & BNFs, FTL

22 Feb
"Hey Shigs, Kaka was just telling us about his planned trip to Brooklyn!"

“Hey Shigs, Kaka was just telling us about the vacation he’s planning to Brooklyn!”

Mesut looks like the only one nervous about that idea! 😉 Sorry, I can never pass up an opportunity to freak my beloved Shiggers out. Just making sure you’re awake, dear. And as for what you’re probably saying in response right now, I suggest you go and wash that dirty mouth out with soap, Missy! ❀ Continue reading