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World Cup 2014 – Group B: The B Stands for Bromance

11 Jun

Group BWhat better way to start my group coverage than with a post full of national team love, right? Continue reading

UPDATED: Champions League Match Post: Real Madrid vs. Galatasary, Leg 1

17 Sep

RM vs Galatasary Leg 1Ready or not, here we go. There’s a part of me yelling “Too soon! It’s too soon!” We’ve got great players, let’s see if we can gel and beat Galatasary. While three reasons they have to look very scared are in the picture above, we’re going to be facing Drogba, Sneijder and Yilmaz. Urgh.  Anyhow, here’s a place to vent about the match. I’ll try to update later with any arrival pix and the starting XI. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Wesley Sneijder

12 May

WESLEY SNEIJDERI got a request for Welly from a watishista who prefers to remain nameless. A former Blanco, the attacking midfielder currently plays for Galatasary. He has represented the Netherlands at the u17, U19, U21 and senior levels.

Final Training Before Galatasaray, Sami Interview & More

2 Apr

BG2QC4yCQAE5WUTOkay peeps, here we go! Last training session before playing Galatasaray tomorrow at the Bernabeu. I’m getting so nervous. They’ve got Drogba, Yilmaz, Sneijder, etc. It’s going to be a tough match but I think we’re up to the challenge. Continue reading

So Long Netherlands

19 Jun

Trying to watch both the Germany/Denmark and Portugal/Netherlands game was next to impossible on Sunday.  Though the pub had both games on multiple screens, our view of Portugal/Netherlands was blocked by a tall couple who couldn’t stop making schmoopy faces at each other and kissing. They weren’t even watching either match! Argh! Sadly, they did not listen to the rather loud suggestions of watishista P and I, who helpfully reminded them that they might enjoy doing that at home, or you know, anywhere that wasn’t between us and the TV set. Suffice to say, it was annoying. The shouts of nearby Portugal fans and the groans of Dutch supporters pretty much told us all we needed to know. Continue reading

UPDATED: National Teams Training Round Up

21 May

The national teams are training again and all is well in the world. Updates on some of our faves within. First though, in happy news, Juanin and Nando are joining La Roja for the upcoming friendlies! (UPDATED: I added some new photos) Continue reading