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Dissent Is Not Disloyalty & Other Matters

11 Mar

SatelliteYesterday was…not good. And that’s putting it as diplomatically as I can. Continue reading

First Training Of The Week & A Visit From The Eternal Captain

27 Aug

Satellite (11)If the rumors of Xabi leaving for Bayern Munich are true, I’m going to go into a mourning period beyond that of when Mesut took off for Arsenal and I was nearly inconsolable for a month. Xabi, listen, I’m fulfilling a life long dream of seeing Kate Bush live next week. DO. NOT. HARSH. MY. ETHEREAL. KATE. MELLOW. Continue reading

Another Loss, Another Visitor, Another Training & Another Group Of Fans Behaving Like Complete Arseholes

30 Jul

Satellite (5)So much going on, most of it annoying. Let’s start with something positive though. Cristiano trained alone at the Cotton Bowl yesterday. It’s always good to see him on the pitch. Hoping he’ll be back to 100% soon. Continue reading

Real Madrid Website “Redesign”

20 Feb
"Dear God, what have they done?!?"

“Dear God, what have they done?!?”

I got home after a hella long stress filled work day  and wanted to update the blog. Of course I went the mothership  to see the training pictures and what do you know, they had launched a redesign. A redesign that made me scream with frustration. Continue reading

First Training Of The Week

30 Sep
"Son, that was one helluva judo flip you pulled off on Saturday!"

“Son, that was one helluva judo flip you pulled off on Saturday!”

So, the less said about that clusterfuck on Saturday, the better, but being me, of course,  I have a few things to say because, lordy, the screeching that went on over the weekend was nigh unbearable. Internet, you exhaust me. I had to step away from the computer yesterday so I didn’t put my fist through it. So, my thoughts… Continue reading

Getting Ready For Tomorrow

14 Jul

Llegada_de_Ancelotti_ (1)Hey all – I know I promised an update last night but after a fun time with watishista forzasusan at the New York Red Bulls game (4-0 over the Montreal Impact with Thierry Henry providing 1 goal and 2 assists), we heard the verdict in the George Zimmerman case on the way home and it just took the wind out of my sails. Continue reading

Friday Training, Morata/Pepe Interviews & BNFs, FTL

22 Feb
"Hey Shigs, Kaka was just telling us about his planned trip to Brooklyn!"

“Hey Shigs, Kaka was just telling us about the vacation he’s planning to Brooklyn!”

Mesut looks like the only one nervous about that idea! 😉 Sorry, I can never pass up an opportunity to freak my beloved Shiggers out. Just making sure you’re awake, dear. And as for what you’re probably saying in response right now, I suggest you go and wash that dirty mouth out with soap, Missy! ❤ Continue reading

I Am So Confused Right Now

8 Jun

I’m a wee bit concerned that the muscle relaxant I had to take is causing me to trip or is this really the Euro 2012 opening ceremony? Why do those ladies look like mushrooms wearing bathing caps? You can all see this right? Or have I truly tumbled over the edge?

– Lozil

The Sleep Deprivation Follies

12 Mar

I’ve been sleeping even less than usual (which is really saying something) and my mind has gone off on some seriously strange tracks lately, so please excuse any non sequiturs that may be popping up (like other things in this post). I was taking a break to eat a late lunch and I stumbled upon a few things that I thought might be of interest.

First up, a fan posted pictures that she had taken with Sese & Alvaro. I edited her out of the shots, because she looked quite young and I didn’t want to post her image without permission. However, holy salmon hell! Check out that sweater! This fan has done us a great service by immortalizing that cardie. Bless you, young lady! Arbeloa was just rockin’ his usual “I-wanna-be-James-Dean” look. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Torsten Frings

16 May

OMG! Chest hair! It’s almost like it’s not allowed (well at least in La Liga)! Thankfully, Torsten plays in the Bundesliga where you can rock the manliness. He’s been a defensive midfielder with Werder Bremen since 2005. He began with the German U-21 team in 1997 and then up to the first team from 2001-2009.  In this picture, I think he looks like a member of mid-90s indie rockers Gin Blossoms. He certainly wouldn’t look out of  place in the Hey Jealousy video, that’s for sure. Hmmm, as a matter of fact, yesterday’s Drool, Edinson Cavani would fit in as well. Maybe we should put together an all ‘baller Gin Blossoms cover band?