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Sami Returns To The Roster, A Cringeworthy Moment & A Trophy For Pipita, Calleti & Chori

3 May

Um, Sese, you should be talking to him about the beard not the hair.

First off, thanks for all the kind words. I’m doing okay today. Pretty achy but spent most of the day resting and sleeping. Staying off my feet helps. I have a cane now (thanks to San Shigs who brought that and a pizza ’round last night) so I’m going to try to hobble the two blocks to my local tomorrow to watch the match. We’ll see how that goes.  Continue reading

Arbie’s Back!

1 May

13The big news today was that Arbeloa has returned to training with the team after 55 days of recovery. Welcome back, Spartan! Continue reading


27 Nov

352-205-instagram_Thumb,8So here’s your chance to weigh in on Real Madrid’s social media efforts…

Continue reading

Iker Joins Twitter

13 Nov

BY9rl5mCEAAqwYhWell, Iker’s got himself an official Twitter according to SeFutbol.  You can follow him at @CasillasWorld. There’s also a website that promises a chance at “fantastic prizes” if you register but I can’t get it to load.

I’m guessing the Twitter will be run by a PR person, but if it’s not, this is going to be hilarious. Iker’s Instagram is a treasure, so anything he writes on Twitter himself promises to be classic.

– Lozil

Miami Nights

6 Aug
You've got balls, Edith?

You’ve got balls, Edith!

Hi gang, this is going to be super quick. I got home from work late, ate dinner and then got a call telling me that I need to sub for a colleague doing a presentation tomorrow. One that I haven’t yet written, so it’s going to be a late one. Continue reading

Real Madrid Joins Instagram, Win Isco’s Shirt!

3 Jul

Instagram_Real_MadridFROM REALMADRID.COM

Real Madrid is now on Instagram

To celebrate, Real Madrid supporters on this social network can win a shirt autographed by Isco Continue reading

Sigh. I Love These Dorks.

28 Mar

Team DoofusMarcelo & Iker getting Instagram was the best thing ever because we’re gifted with pictures like this. The caption? “We are watching for u…  #wrongeyes” I love when Geeker comes out to play and sends Ol’ Grumpy Grandpa Casillas to his corner.

– Lozil

This Guy’s Nothing But Love, Isn’t He?

5 Mar

51241770852111e2b04622000a1f9be0_7dltweetDavid Luiz once again melts our hearts. He may be the only person with a biological clock ticking louder than Iker’s at this point.

– Lozil

Night Of The Living Selfies, Cast Off, Birthday Cake Issues, Brothers, Underpants Mania & More

5 Feb

485150_10151388844249663_1363281096_nEveryone is all about the selfies lately. Mesut has picked up Karim’s bad habits and it looks like they’re trying to out-selfie each other. At least he hasn’t gone straight up duckface on us…yet. Continue reading

Mesut Joins Instagram

1 Feb

09f286286cbe11e29d3822000a1f90e8_7So much for getting ready to go out, eh? Anyhow, had to post this before I went out. Mesut has joined Instagram. You can follow him at m10_official. Let’s hope this means lots more shirtless selfies in our future!

– Lozil