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And The Hair Angels Wept*

16 Aug

Guillermo-OchoaNot only are we bidding adieu to another headband, we’re saying goodbye to one of the most luscious heads of hair in all of football. I, for one, am inconsolable. (*Sorry I traumatized some of you! I amended the title for better clarity.) Continue reading

Say Goodbye To Sami’s Headband, Cue Our Heartbreak

13 Aug

tumblr_mrhm5x09yY1r59nbfo3_1280I heard the news today, oh boy, from watishista Pinpanpamm and it’s not good. Sami has ditched his headband and undergone the chop. Yes, he looks startlingly handsome (as always) but I will miss his headband. Now only Edith is holding down the fort. Thank god Sami’s hair grows fast. WHY ARE YOU ALL DOING THIS TO US?! WE REFUSE TO CHANGE THE NAME OF THIS BLOG EVEN IF YOU ALL SHAVE YOUR HEADS, SO QUIT IT! Don’t you remember our battle cry last season “More headbands, less heartbreak” – why you no listen?!

– Lozil, in mourning.

Updated: I’m Pretty Confident That The Universe Is Trying To Destroy Us

8 Mar

ce48941e87fc11e2bdc622000a1fb844_7whyOr at least one team in Madrid. After wearing a headband – A HEADBAND! – in training today. Marcelo went to get himself a haircut. I guess we’ll see what the outcome is soon. WHY DO THEY DO THIS?! DO THEY NOT KNOW OUR SECOND MOTTO IS “MORE HEADBANDS, LESS HEARTBREAK?” That said, if he also did it for the kids, then I can’t really complain. But I will miss his ‘fro. Hopefully, it’s just a trim.

UPDATED: His new look after the jump! Continue reading